• Alien Runner




    A kind of racing game in 3D similar to Trail Blazer. Control the running alien by using touch controls or the D-Pad. Collect diamonds, jump over obstacles and finish below par! Race against yourself as ghost to beat your own high scores. It's a work in progress, this version has 3 levels and...

  • An3DBenchXL




    This is a 3D benchmark for fast Android devices. It's an enhanced version of the popular An3DBench with much more demanding tests and the option to upload and compare your results. It's powered by the jPCT-AE 3D engine.

  • An3DBench




    A 3d benchmark based on the Android version of the jPCT 3d engine. Runs 7 tests from fill rate to complex scenes. A Samsung i7500 with 1.5 scores 2000, a Nexus One with 2.2 around 4900 points. Also look out for An3DBenchXL in the Android market. It's a similar free benchmark with much more...

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