• E-Guitar (Phone & Tablet)




    ★Android teaches you Folk, Blues and Jazz Guitar ★ This real guitar method will give you great informations & technics to improve your guitar skill. No musical knowledge is required to use this app, you just need a guitar. This app supports english - try E-Folk (english, french, german,...

  • Blues Guitar: E-Blues




    ★ THE 12 BAR BLUES ★ This app includes 8 guitar lessons of growing difficulty. Now on Android Market & iTunes AppStore Begin with a traditional acoustic shuffle then play a funky blues with more advanced rhythm pattern. Discover the SRV Texas Blues on a clean Stratocaster. Enjoy a minor...

  • Jazz Guitar Lessons : E-Jazz




    ★ Play Jazz Guitar ★ 75% off today ! With this mini Guitar method you will understand the basics of Jazz chords progression along various sequences from classic to brazilian and gypsy Jazz. ★ Including 8 sequences of increasing level: theory, informations, tabs and video for each lesson ! ★...

  • Acoustic Guitar Method: E-Folk




    ★ My first Guitar Method * Play & understand the basics of acoustic guitar chords and fingerings in less than two months ! If you're looking for an efficient method to learn how to play acoustic guitar, there's an Android app for that! www.androidpipe.com - July 2012 Now on Android...

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