Ehurisitc apps

  • Christian Daily Prayer Guide




    Welcome to the most popular Christian prayer application on Google Play for Android users only! And best of all its completely free. I am happy to say that because of my love for our Lord Jesus, I have dedicated and put together a wonderful prayer guide application for the many people...

  • Devil Detonator Flames Game




    The Devil takes on many ready to have some super Devil blasting fun!!??? Blast your way to hours of Devil adventure fun that will simply amaze you for hours. The supernatural has come alive on your smart phone with this creative devil blasting flame game. Satan cant wait for you...

  • Jesus Bible Prayer Passage LWP




    The Lord Jesus is aww inspiring and I hold this close to my heart with this live motion wallpaper. Enjoy the live Bible prayer visual images in these visual passages of different time. You are viewing these pictures from our server, as we wanted to use little or no memory on your phone. Give...

  • QR Barcode Reader Laser Quick




    Scanning for consumer products will never be so easy again. After extensive reseach we have developed the quickest scanner for easy use Laser Quick QR Barcode Scanner is extremely fast and easy to use for maximum use. This duel app is used one-dimensional and two-dimensional code. By using the...

  • Lord Shiva Live HD Wallpaper




    Are you ready to install the best quality Lord Shiva Live Wallpapers for your smart phone? Lord Shiva as explained in Wikipedia is considered the Supreme God within Shaivism, one of the three most influential denominations in Hinduism,[2][3] whereas in other branches of Hinduism such as in the...

  • Buddha HD Wallpaper and Images




    Install the most popular Buddha HD Images and Wallpaper and Backgrounds on your Android phone Download the hottest Buddha HD Images and Wallpapers for Free today! Buddhism is one of the most popular religions and is embraced with people throughout the world. This application is extremely easy...

  • I Love India Clock & Alarm LWP




    The very best Indian clock with live wallpaper feature is available for all smart phone users....Best of all ots free India, the most beautiful country in the world, rich in tradition and culture is something I love very much. This is a full operational Live wallpaper Clock with different...

  • Lord Ganesha Live HD Wallpaper




    Install the most popular Lord Ganesha Live HD Wallpaper on your Android phone Choose from the many images of Lord Ganesha Live HD Wallpaper for free! Super Fast download Hinduism is one of the most popular religions and is embraced with people throughout the world. As explained in Wikipedia:...

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