• Builderz Extreme Caustic 3

    Builderz Extreme Caustic 3




    Caustic content pack -- The Builderz Project for Caustic takes another step forward with Builderz Extreme... Full of grit and bite and in-your-face-madness. This expansion pack is filled with glitches, blips, noises of all types, pads, textures, atmospheres, risers, sinkers, booms and...

  • Builderz Jungle -- Caustic 3

    Builderz Jungle -- Caustic 3




    Caustic Content Pack -- Builderz Project takes a dive into the depths of Jungle, the brainchild genre of modern Drum N'Bass and DubStep and many new subgenres that your mind can create with your Caustic tracks. This pack is crammed full of lush synth sounds, chords, part-chords, pads,...

  • Builderz Ambient Pro Caustic

    Builderz Ambient Pro Caustic




    Caustic Content Pack -- The Builderz Project for Caustic just got a whole lot bigger, with new concepts and techniques creating this content pack and future packs from EIPStudiosOhio, offering the largest most animated content offered anywhere! Builderz Ambient Pro for Caustic 3 takes the...

  • DrumNBass Super Caustic Pack

    DrumNBass Super Caustic Pack




    Caustic Content Pack -- DnB, Jungle, and Trance lovers, this pack is for you! Big thick chords, pads, textures, huge drumkit, FX, noise, leads, growling basses crammed into the most exciting soundpack yet! Drums are note-length trigger only to maintain that break-loop feel -- which also means...

  • Dance&DubStep Caustic Pack

    Dance&DubStep Caustic Pack




    Caustic Content Pack -- Dance&DubStep PLUS PocketKit Dance in one pack! Bass (wubwub wobble) and Leads and FX and Risers and Falls and the big Dance PocketKit for your Caustic 3 tracks. You don't have to settle for the same old boring 909 sounds anymore... This PocketKit (Dance) is a...

  • TwistedSynthz Caustic Pack

    TwistedSynthz Caustic Pack




    Caustic Content Pack -- Ok, so when you can't really put sounds into a specific category, they go here. Twisted Synthz is the home of the unique and strange and simply brainstorming imagination, featuring pads, textures, drones, and much more. Play around with knobs and filters and get a...

  • OuterSpacez -- Caustic Pack

    OuterSpacez -- Caustic Pack




    Caustic Content Pack -- Journey out into the depths of Space and Time with the most unique soundpack for Caustic yet! Many pads and textures and space-themed FX will add a new and rich character to your Caustic 3 tracks. It is encouraged to add thick Stereo Delay to most of these sounds for...

  • Noiz - Soundpack for Caustic 3

    Noiz - Soundpack for Caustic 3




    Caustic Content Pack -- Noiz -- Circuitbending and FX heaven! This soundpack features a wide variety of nasty noisy sounds, leads, and just out-of-the-ordinary sounds for your Caustic 3 tracks. Add effects and utilize the "Wide" knob in the mixer console for the blip and glitch...

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