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A virtual candle for any occasion. Simulated candle-flame depending on how you hold your phone - tilt it and the candle will follow. * Advanced 3d-particle systems for candle simulation * Touch the wick to lighten or extinguish the flame * Tilt your phone to watch the flame in realistic movements * Free * Lots of different Candles * 2D and 3D Can…

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Download Bugsmasher Bugocalypse Lite Bugsmasher Bugocalypse Lite icon
Bugsmasher Bugocalypse Lite

The bugs are gone crazy! How long can you resist? A funny, but challenging game at home or on the road. Smash bugs on your own or compete with your friends. Fight the advancing plague of bugs, smash them with your fingers and beat the highscore. This is the free version. Enjoy! 5 challenging levels * different bugs, each with an individual crawl…

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A unique and well designed professional multi-purpose bubble meter for your android phone. Using the accelerometer built in your device this app enables you to measure angles in all directions, integrating the usual spirit level with an inlinometer in one compact easy to use control. The best combined tool available. Optimized perfomance on all tes…

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Mood Reader

A MUST HAVE for your phone! Scan your finger to analyze your mood on every android phone. * 99 (!) different mood settings! * Analyzes finger motion to detect your mood. * Test your friends too! Similar to a mood stone/ring. It's surely the best mood agent, analyzer and sensor. The free ultimate mood analyzer with more different moods than an…

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3D Candle

This advanced virtual candle fits for every occasion. Real 3d candles or advanced 2d ones make the feeling perfect. Tilt your phone to influence the flame or the camera. The fully customizable candle gives you every choice you can wish for. No other candle on the market has all these options! * Fully customizable * 3d sceneries * Advanced 3d-parti…

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Download Spheric Eric Spheric Eric icon
Spheric Eric

Spheric Eric is an innovative platformer with cute graphics and endless fun, dynamic levels and fresih Ideas! Probably the most challenging Jump & Run in the market, designed by people, who really love games. The principle of the game is linked to the legendary Super Mario Brothers or Giana Sisters, and turns the established standards literall…

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Download New Year's Favourite Lite LWP New Year's Favourite Lite LWP icon
New Year's Favourite Lite LWP

Get ready for the party with this live wallpaper. Interactive launching of rockets with your tap on the screen, or configure the autolauncher to do the firework for you! * 4 different kinds of rockets with an endless variation variety * State-of-the-art particle systems for realistic fireworks feeling * Not more cpu usage than the standard nexus s…

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Download TyB - Train Your Brain Lite TyB - Train Your Brain Lite icon
TyB - Train Your Brain Lite

Brainjogging was yesterday. The new thing is TrainYourBrain, which combines fun and memory training. Find pairs of specially picked motives in this memory puzzler. Your brain power and remembering skills will increase noticeable with your daily training. Track your progress with a detailed highscore for each setting. The special highlight is the u…

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Download Coin Toss FREE Coin Toss FREE icon
Coin Toss FREE

Try your luck by flipping the coin! Toss the coin into the air, physics and 3d-graphics in combination with shaking the phone in a natural motion gives you the feeling like you're dealing with a real coin. Make decisions with this virtual coin. Slim, minimal version Buzzwords: 3d graphics, animation, dollar, cent, flip, flipping, tossing, coi…

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Download Fart Machine FREE Fart Machine FREE icon
Fart Machine FREE

Get the ultimate fart suite now! This awesome collection of fart-games will get humor in your daily routine - Fart-Piano with 3 different sounds, fully in 3D - Pull the finger game - The timed fart to shock your friends. Hide it by a friend, use the stealth mode that turns off the screen and enjoy the shock and embarassing moment a few seconds late…

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