• Meyolupon - memory game 4 Kids

    Meyolupon - memory game 4 Kids




    Meyolupon is focused mainly on entertainment and learning of smaller game, also intended for the rest of the public while providing a tool for the development of some of the capabilities that brain how much humans such as: - Memory - Troubleshooting - Attention - Learn With characters of the...

  • Guitar Flamenco for Rumba

    Guitar Flamenco for Rumba




    Play Flamenco guitar to compass of Rumbas with this incredible application. Only select the chord that you want to touch and it waves your device. Surprisingly royal, combinations can be achieved to accompany indeed to sing and really usefully to practise the compass of the rumba. You were...

  • Fish of the sea and fishing

    Fish of the sea and fishing




    Application that collects various different seas fish very useful to identify species if we are fishing. In this first version is incuyen only species of the Mediterranean Sea but future versions will go adding more species and other seas. -Works good on fastest Devices

  • Guitar flamenco for Sevillanas

    Guitar flamenco for Sevillanas




    Play guitar Sevillana flamenco compas with this incredible application. Just select the chord you want to play and shake your device. Amazingly real, can achieve real combinations to accompany the singing and really useful for practicing the rhythm of the Sevillana. Let anyone who will listen as...

  • Countjack Blackjack Tool

    Countjack Blackjack Tool




    Countjack 0.4 - This free application, help's you to count cards in the Blackjack game. You only input the cards and it say you: - 3 Count modes - 1. Hi-Lo, 2. OmegaII, 3. Dual ( Hi-Lo+OmegaII ) - Count - Real Count - How many cards are'd drawed(2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A) - How many...

  • Scare Joke ElFinito

    Scare Joke ElFinito




    Scare you'r friends with this funny Scare Joke!!!!

  • Caña de Pescar 2.0

    Caña de Pescar 2.0




    Convierte tu dispositivo android en una divertida caña de pescar!!! ideal para la tipica broma de tirarle la caña a una mujer, para simular que estas pescando, o cualquier otro uso que se te ocurra. Utiliza tu imaginación con ingenio y veras que risas con los amigos!! sonidos al lanzar y al...

  • Much! Calculates weight price

    Much! Calculates weight price




    Very useful application used to calculate the price to gram (g) and / or to the Kilogram (Kg). Ideal for anyone who works weight.

  • Fishing Rod

    Fishing Rod




    FishingRod App!!! Turn your Android into a fishing rod. Funny app!!! the most download Fishing Rod Simulator.

  • Noisy slate

    Noisy slate




    A funny aside from drawing board squeaks!!

  • Guitarra El Finito

    Guitarra El Finito




    Convierte tu Android en una Guitarra!!! Divertida y muy entretenida, con esta aplicación basta con elegir el acorde y agitar el telefono para que suene. Puedes cambiar el acorde mientras estas agitando el telefono, y puedes poner tambien un ritmo base de fondo. A la que le empieces a coger el...

  • Guitar Finito

    Guitar Finito




    Realistic and Funny Guitar for you Android!!!! Select a chord, shake your device and play a song. You can change chords and play, and you can add rythm for ractice Very Addiction!!!!! Acoustic, Nylon and Electric Guitar!!!

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