• Cards for Kids




    Incredibly simple and intuitive application for kids under the age of 5 years. The app contains a gallery of specially selected colorful pictures and melodic sounds of excellent quality. The selection of image was made with the intention to arouse positive emotions. The collection involves...

  • ES Scan




    ES Scan is a powerful app which scans and digitizes documents to smartphones in an easy way, so it’s not a big deal to manage them anymore. This app is the perfect fit for those who want to scan, sync, share and manage various contents on their smartphones. Features: *Quickly Scan Document...

  • ES Camera




    ES camera is a photography application for mobile.You can take photos then edit and apply cool effects, templates. You can keep photos in the phone or share them to social networks. It brings you great fresh experiences. Check it out! ES camera features: • Real-time effect preview • Take...

  • ES Green Quiz




    Green Quiz is an intellectual game that helps you learn much interesting about our natural environment and its protection, to get more environmentally conscious and get a fair estimate about your eco-knowledge.

  • ES Green Transport




    The ES Green Transport is used for mathematical modeling of fuel consumption for various means of transport, including car, airplane, bicycle and walking. Enter your monthly fuel consumption and make comparison with previous months and compare different means of transport to project your...

  • ES Password




    We live in the era of an ever-increasing number of user accounts and passwords that need to be remembered and properly managed. The more passwords we have, the higher the chance we may forget them. Moreover, if not securely handled, confidential data becomes a lucrative attraction for...

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