• UEP 2014

    UEP 2014


    The aim of Urban Environmental Pollution 2014 (UEP2014) is to provide an international forum to continue to explore and characterize urban environments and how they affect human health and well-being. Using Elseviers new app, you can browse the scientific programme by days, topic or speaker,...

  • Algal 2014

    Algal 2014




    The 4th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts provides direct interaction for attending delegates, with scientific and technical leaders in this field. Emphasis will be placed on the latest unpublished technical and scientific results, along with discussion and...

  • Netnep 2014

    Netnep 2014




    Join delegates from around the world for the 5th conference in the NETNEP series and share the latest research, knowledge, ideas, innovations and current developments within nursing and healthcare education from local, national and international regions. Topic List Using Elseviers new app, you...

  • Colloids 14

    Colloids 14




    The 4th International Colloids Conference is a four day conference focusing on Surface Design and Engineering. The speakers will be world-leading scientists, covering topics in colloids and materials for surface design and surface architecture engineering. Using Elsevier's new app, you can...

  • Ilsept 2014

    Ilsept 2014


    The aim of the Second International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology is to provide a forum for researchers in academia and industry to share and discuss their cutting edge results on the use of ionic liquids in separation applications. This meeting will build...

  • Biosensors14





    This is the 24th anniversary edition of the World Congress on Biosensors and we continue to evolve, adapt and grow into new roles to serve the analytical needs of a rapidly changing society. Advances in telecommunications, expert systems and distributed diagnostics are prompting us to question...

  • SenseAsia 2014

    SenseAsia 2014


    Following on from the highly successful, long-running Pangborn Symposium and EuroSense conference, SenseAsia 2014 is the first sensory conference to be held in the Asian region with an emphasis on the consumer. The first in a series of biennial meetings, SenseAsia 2014 will focus on providing...

  • Biotrib 14

    Biotrib 14


    Biotribology embraces a wide range of research topics from artificial joint implants to hair conditioners and soft-tissue friction. Although this is one of the most exciting areas of research in tribology, until now there has not been a single conference dedicated to all aspects of biotribology....

  • AOS 2014

    AOS 2014


    The 6th Asian Oncology Summit, brought to you by The Lancet Oncology, the OOTR, and Elsevier, aims to inform clinical practice and to optimize and improve patient management in Asia by bringing together many regional and internationally renowned experts. The 2014 programme includes a number of...

  • FUEL CELL 2014

    FUEL CELL 2014




    Thousands of fuel cells are being produced annually and sold commercially in a wide range of applications, but continued research, both fundamental and applied, will be essential to help reduce production costs and increase durability. This conference will bring together leading researchers and...

  • Elsevier CDI Reference

    Elsevier CDI Reference




    The Elsevier CDI Reference Mobile Application is a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) quick reference tool designed to pinpoint for, clinicians and CDI staff, clinical terms or phrases that may be used to accurately and completely describe, in detail, a specific condition. Specific...

  • FSFF 2014

    FSFF 2014




    The Food Structure and Functionality Forum (FSFF) is delighted to announce the Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium from Molecules to Functionality, which will highlight the latest research efforts in food structuring and de-structuring. The FSFF is primarily focused on the...

  • HealthAdvance Journals

    HealthAdvance Journals




    Keep current with the advances in your profession on the go! The HealthAdvance Journals™ smartphone app enables FULL-TEXT reading for journal subscribers, including society member subscriptions, for over 500 Elsevier published journals in the medical, nursing, dental, allied health and...

  • Cell Press Journal Reader

    Cell Press Journal Reader




    Stay up-to-date with developments in your field with the latest issues from 30 Cell Press journals on your Android device An interactive reading experience lets you swipe and zoom through articles, save papers for reading offline, download PDFs, search across all journals, share your favorite...

  • Checkme! Klinikstandards

    Checkme! Klinikstandards




    Jetzt 10 Elsevier-Klinikstandards und 40 Helios-Klinikstandards kostenfrei testen! Weitere Klinikstandards und die Bearbeitungsfunktion per In-App-Purchase freischalten! GARANTIERT NICHTS VERGESSEN! Behandlungsfehler vermeiden, Patientensicherheit verbessern und Haftungsrisiken reduzieren. 150...

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