• Nancy Chatbot




    Nancy is an artificial intelligence chatterbot, and it tries to simulate an intelligent conversation with users. Nancy has its own personality. It likes movies, music and reading books. It is a nice pastime when you are bored or curious to find out how an AI chatterbot tries to mimic a human...

  • Diskette - organize your discs




    Do you have a large collection of cds and dvds? Sometimes searching what you need in your collection of discs could be frustating. Specially when you don't remeber in which cd you put it, you have to read one by one what you wrote on the cds to find the cd you need. With Diskette, you just...

  • 6.2

    Curiofy - Ask and get answered




    Take pictures and ask other users for their knowledge

  • Prank remote - send pranks




    With this app you can send pranks to your friends. Just install it on both devices (On yours and of your friend's). On your friend's device tap on "Receive Pranks" to obtain a command ID, on your device tap on "Send Pranks" to access the control panel. Once in the...

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