• BodyFat Calculator




    Calculate your body fat with simple three steps. You just need your weight and waist size. Support imperial and metric measurement systems.

  • Simple Number Generator




    This simple and light application generates random numbers from specific range. It has a function that generates numbers at selected time.

  • Lost Fish




    Help the lost fish swimming as far as you can and beat the score. Just tap the screen and fish will swim higher, watch out for some creepy plants along the road.

  • Birthdate Love Calculator




    There are many people on the world with the same name, so in a regular love calculator you get the same answer for many people. This is a birthdate love calculator so if you want more accurate test you need to use this app. Just insert the dates of birth and touch the heart. Turn off heart...

  • Fortune Crystal Ball




    The Fortune Crystal Ball will tell you the truth. Think a question and shake your phone and it will show you the answer.

  • One Rep Maximum - 1RM




    Calculate what maximum weight you can lift in 1 repetition at bench press, deadlift and squats. Application has the most friendly interface of all 1RM applications. In settings you can change the units from kilograms/kg to pounds/lbs.

  • Scare Friend Screamer




    A friend wants to see your phone? Make him a prank and use Screamer to frighten him! Just run the application, set the delay, tune up your phone and press start. After the time runs out a scary face will show with scream sound. Needs free RAM to work properly.

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