Emilio José Jiménez

  • Night Alarm Clock




    "Night Alarm Clock" is the ultimate alarm clock for your nightstand while charging your phone at night. The application is designed and optimized to minimize battery consumption but is recommended for use with charger or dock. FEATURES * Fully configurable: show/hide components...

  • Light & LED




    "Light & LED" is an easy to use flashlight that emits light through the camera flash and the screen of your mobile device. It is fully configurable and can display useful information on the battery remaining, hours of daylight or the estimated duration of the flashlight. FEATURES *...

  • Poker Stats & Odds Calculator




    "Poker Stats & Odds Calculator" is the ultimate calculator and analysis application to calculate the statistics and odds in Texas Hold'em Poker. "Poker Stats" is designed to be useful for professional and easy to use for casual players. "Poker Stats"...

  • Squared: Sliding Blocks Puzzle




    "Squared" is a puzzle based on the classic sliding block puzzle to which we have added elements from other famous games like Tetris and Rubik's Cube. The result is a highly playable puzzle based on a simple idea with a challenging development that in each game tests the logical...

  • Astro Clock Widget




    Astro Clock Widget is the most complete clock for your homescreen, is the perfect application to collect and display at a glance all the information regarding the time, date, active alarms and upcoming events in your calendar. And all this in a nice widget of selectable size. FEATURES * Three...

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