• Mortgage Rate Comparison

    Mortgage Rate Comparison


    Mortgage Rate Comparison When you're in the market for a loan, it might do you good if you do a little mortgage rate comparison. With mortgage rate comparisons, you are sure to make the right decision and choose the right mortgage and this App helps you with that. Contents of this App : **...

  • How To Start A Mailing Service

    How To Start A Mailing Service


    “I get mail; therefore I am.” Mail, or post, is a system for transporting letters and other tangible objects: written documents, typically enclosed in envelopes, and also small packages are delivered to destinations around the world. Anything sent through the postal system is called mail or...

  • How To Recruit Dealers

    How To Recruit Dealers


    “The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.” Mail order is a term which describes the buying of goods or services by mail delivery. The buyer places an order for the desired products with the merchant through some remote method such as through a...

  • How To Start A Home Business

    How To Start A Home Business


    “My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's” While employment is a surefire way of securing your future, there are always those who believe that entrepreneurship should be a priority not only among those who are already established in life but also for students who...

  • How To Get Free Radio Adverts

    How To Get Free Radio Adverts


    “It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.” If you're a business owner, you know what a constant struggle it can be - like a never ending tug-of-war. There's always something placing demands on your time - inventory, personnel, paperwork, taxes, you name it. Most business...

  • How To Start A Pen Pal Club

    How To Start A Pen Pal Club


    HOW TO START A PEN PAL CLUB (Pen Pals) are people who regularly write to each other, particularly via postal mail. A penpal relationship is often used to practice reading and writing in a foreign language, to improve literacy, to learn more about other countries and life-styles, and to make...

  • Secrets Of Getting Free Advert

    Secrets Of Getting Free Advert


    SECRETS OF GETTING FREE (ADVERTISING) The opportunities for getting (free advertisement) for your product or services are limited only by your own imagination and energies. There are so many proven ways of promoting your own objectives without cost that it literally boggles the mind just to...

  • Lazy Man's Secret To Wealth

    Lazy Man's Secret To Wealth


    THE LAZY PERSON'S SECRETS TO OVERNIGHT WEALTH Every individual, since the dawn of mankind has directly or indirectly had the same thought or doubt, which when put into words would shape as- (how to build financial wealth) or (make money over night). So here, this App will try to make your...

  • Small Business Survival Guide

    Small Business Survival Guide


    SURVIVAL TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES (survival of small businesses): If you own a (small business), you know that even in the best of times, it’s essential to keep costs low and find ways to attract and retain customers. In a tough economy,you may ask (how can small businesses survive)? Making...

  • Write Money Making Reports

    Write Money Making Reports


    “Diamonds are forever. E-mail comes close.” Today, the allowances of alive from home are just so many. If you would like to adore some of them, its top time you began ambience up your own business, appropriate there at your home. If you are absorbed in getting your own boss, alive whenever you...

  • Mail Forwarding Service

    Mail Forwarding Service


    “The President of today is just the postage stamp of tomorrow.” We live in a world dominated by technology, a world where communication with persons worldwide has become possible due to the internet and the existence of telephones. As technology advances, people are expected to work faster and...

  • Start a Co-Op Mailing Service

    Start a Co-Op Mailing Service


    “Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.” A postage stamp is a small piece of paper that is purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment of postage. Typically, stamps are made from special paper, with a national designation and denomination (price)...

  • How To Get Big Dollars

    How To Get Big Dollars


    “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Doing business by mail, middlemen are not needed. This automatically eliminates middlemen. The producers themselves directly send goods, as ordered, to consumers. ** THIS APP IS ALL ABOUT MAIL ORDER BUSINESS “HOW TO GET BIG...

  • Making Money With Folios

    Making Money With Folios


    THE SECRETS OF MAKING MONEY WITH FOLIOS The promotion of folios/reports is a nice way of getting started with a profitable mail order business. Folios are also very helpful in minting quick and easy money. A wisely prepared report not only helps in casting the first good impression but it also...

  • Beginners Opportunity Guide

    Beginners Opportunity Guide


    THE BEGINNERS OPPORTUNITY GUIDE Mail Order is nothing more or less than selling a product or service via advertising and the offers you send out by mail. The Mail Order business is not exactly a business in itself, in fact it helps making another business comfortable. It is mostly used in (home...

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