Empire Games

  • Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge

    Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge


    Make a splash and take on the Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge, the easy way out of the very famous worldwide challenge that took over in many parts of the world. No need to get soaked up in chilling water when the weather outside is not the friendliest, no need to waste water at all. Simply take a...

  • Space Shooting Soldiers

    Space Shooting Soldiers




    The space shooting soldiers are here to lead the way to space shooting fun, as well as interactive adrenaline kicks. Delve into the war of intergalactic soldiers, fighting for interplanetary domination and control and enjoy a well illustrated space war as you perfect your skill in using laser...

  • Plane Adventure

    Plane Adventure




    Plane Adventure Who's ready for a fun filled plane adventure? Hop on behind the controller of this funky looking pane and start the adventure of your life. Stroll the thin air with delicate moves to ensure a good air lift and strive to stay mid-air as long as possible. Be careful for the...

  • World War Pacific Planes

    World War Pacific Planes




    Your country (at least your virtual country) needs you, so hurry up to join the army air forces and write history there, up in the sky as you master flying your military airplane! If war games are your secret weakness, get ready to enjoy a pure adrenaline-overloaded one right now: World War...

  • Truck On The Run

    Truck On The Run




    Race in the super speedy adrenaline rising truck on the run and strive to stay alive on these wild roads for as long as possible. With cool impressive 3d graphics and a fancy truck to master handle, you bet your adventure off-road will be off the charts. Steer your big wild truck into the right...

  • Dinner Date

    Dinner Date




    Don't you just love it when you run over food serving games which perfectly blend addictive game-play with eye-catching graphics? “Dinner Date” here sure is one of them, keeping your finger “glued” to your phone for as long as it takes for turning your virtual little restro into the most...

  • Pack For School

    Pack For School




    Do I sense a hidden object games “expert” ready for the back to school season? Well then, our new game, “Pack for School”, has been developed especially for picky players like you who're bold enough to respond to some of the most complex and engaging detective little challenges! So, are you...

  • Cool Math Games

    Cool Math Games




    Can you never have enough of cool math games, of getting your brain muscle teased and trained with tricky, challenging and fun-filled math problems? Great! Then you will soon turn this pack here into your daily mind work-out routine! As you will see, it comprises 4 equally demanding, equally...

  • 3D Muscle Car

    3D Muscle Car




    3D Muscle car racing game is the ultimate driving challenge in a stunning 3D environment with the most powerful muscle cars out there that will allow you to test and improve your racing and driving skills in a car ride that you will never forget. In this free muscle car racing games you have to...

  • Arctic Monster Truck

    Arctic Monster Truck




    If you could never ever refuse an off-road type of 4x4 truck driving challenge nor the test of trying to “tame” a fierce four-wheeled monster truck, then you must be a monster truck games passionate, right? Well, for you, my friend, we've added a new challenge to this equation: driving your...

  • Spa Games For Girls

    Spa Games For Girls




    If you're addicted to skin perfecting rituals, to highly inspiring make-up tutorials upgraded with great fashion, too, then you must no doubt be a spa games for girls fan, too, am I right? Get yourself loaded with tons of creativity as a beauty expert and fashion stylist and accept the...

  • 3D Urban Madness

    3D Urban Madness




    Caught up in the 3d urban madness, you need to sharpen up your driving skills if you want to dominate the highways and proclaim yourself the city ruler! Just try out this fast-pasted racing game and see how fun and intense it can become in a few seconds, just the necessary time you need to get...

  • Nature Adventure 3D

    Nature Adventure 3D




    Can you feel it? Nature is calling you, she's trying to “lure” you in a top-speed, adrenaline-rising car racing adventure on the highway outside the urban jungle! Are you ready to answer its call? Then, get the nature adventure racing game started and burn some rubber there, in the middle of...

  • Clean-Up Rush

    Clean-Up Rush




    The winter holidays' fever have definitely taken over this cutie here: she's already imagining herself meeting Santa on Christmas Eve, opening up all her great presents, enjoying her favorite Christmas desserts with her dear ones... If only she could, as if by magic, escape that dreadful...

  • Shopping To Decorate

    Shopping To Decorate




    Are you ready for a super fun-filled and surprisingly challenging shopping marathon followed by an amazing room decorating session that will put your creativity, as an interior designer, to the ultimate test? Then you're so ready to get the Shopping to Decorate skill game started and walk...

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