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Empire Games

  • Mafia Driving Menace




    Get your adrenaline pumping and prove yourself in the Mafia Driving Menace game. As the Mafia gangs ruffle up to balance menaces in your old hood, join the elite gangsters' band to become one of them and gain respect on the streets. Drive, race and perfect park your designated racing car, to...

  • Zoo Games For Kids


    Could you think of a little kid who could resist the temptation of playing with some virtual, heart-melting cute zoo animals? I didn't think so! If, to the fun factor that this playtime session implies, you add the educational one, too, then you've won the jackpot! Zoo Games for Kids is...

  • Educational Fruity Games


    Looking for educational games that should be fun, addictive, brain-boosting and suitable for your kid's young age? Well, then what would you say about encouraging your adored little one to train his/her little brain by... playing with fruits? We're ready to tempt him/her with a pack of...

  • Celebrity Girl Games




    Glamor, style and all the fancy outfits you can think of are all here, in the Celebrity Girl Games pack. Five stylish girls will guide you through their wardrobe of impressive designer clothes, letting you experience the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity. Dress-up the beautiful girls with...

  • Shape Fun Game




    Join the sharp shaped fun of some colorful shadows that beg to be reveled. Match the shape with the cute colorful objects and enjoy some learning techniques along the way, becoming the best player that ever tried kids games. Download now the fun-packed game for kids and let your child play some...

  • The ABC Game for Kids


    As they learn the ABCs, the children need some fun along the way. With the ABC game for kids, you bet your child will spot and learn each of the alphabet's letters, one by one. You can be part of the learning process, proving the fun and the education, all at the same time. Help you child...

  • Truck Attack


    Only a daredevil could set off for this start line, only a bold driver could face this truck attack and respond to the challenge of speed driving a fierce four wheeled beast along some ultimately hostile environments! If you think you’ve already played some of the most demanding free truck games...

  • Aztec Empire




    Welcome to the long lost Aztec Empire, a magnificent world where spiraling symbols will build a fortress before your eyes. Stay focused as you match three of a kind Aztec symbols and blast the blocks out of the emerging fortress. Puzzle games have never been so intriguing and engaging, with cool...

  • Plane Adventure




    Plane Adventure Who's ready for a fun filled plane adventure? Hop on behind the controller of this funky looking pane and start the adventure of your life. Stroll the thin air with delicate moves to ensure a good air lift and strive to stay mid-air as long as possible. Be careful for the...

  • Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge




    Make a splash and take on the Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge, the easy way out of the very famous worldwide challenge that took over in many parts of the world. No need to get soaked up in chilling water when the weather outside is not the friendliest, no need to waste water at all. Simply take a...

  • Space Shooting Soldiers




    The space shooting soldiers are here to lead the way to space shooting fun, as well as interactive adrenaline kicks. Delve into the war of intergalactic soldiers, fighting for interplanetary domination and control and enjoy a well illustrated space war as you perfect your skill in using laser...

  • World War Pacific Planes




    Your country (at least your virtual country) needs you, so hurry up to join the army air forces and write history there, up in the sky as you master flying your military airplane! If war games are your secret weakness, get ready to enjoy a pure adrenaline-overloaded one right now: World War...

  • Truck On The Run




    Race in the super speedy adrenaline rising truck on the run and strive to stay alive on these wild roads for as long as possible. With cool impressive 3d graphics and a fancy truck to master handle, you bet your adventure off-road will be off the charts. Steer your big wild truck into the right...

  • Dinner Date




    Don't you just love it when you run over food serving games which perfectly blend addictive game-play with eye-catching graphics? “Dinner Date” here sure is one of them, keeping your finger “glued” to your phone for as long as it takes for turning your virtual little restro into the most...

  • Pack For School




    Do I sense a hidden object games “expert” ready for the back to school season? Well then, our new game, “Pack for School”, has been developed especially for picky players like you who're bold enough to respond to some of the most complex and engaging detective little challenges! So, are you...

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