Empire Games

  • Mimi`s Adventures




    You don't just become cute Mimi's friend, you know, you “earn” her friendship by... proving your difference spotting skills. That's right, if you want to join adorable Mimi on some of her daily fun-filled activities, just get the Mimi's adventures game started and prove you're...

  • Haute Couture




    All the most stylish celebrities and all the most “feared” fashion critiques have taken their seats in the audience and are waiting now for the haute couture fashion show to start. This is your chance to shine as a fashion stylist getting this main model of the show some jaw-dropping, extravagant...

  • Summer Fashion




    Summer is definitely the best season for all the super stylish fashionistas out there to shine under the summer sun flaunting their amazingly chic, lovely colored light sunny outfits! When competition for the title of the most stylish summery girl of the season tends to get more and more fierce,...

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