Empmark Solutions

  • Free Anti Theft




    Free Anti-theft will help you to track your mobile(cellular) When you lost or stolen your mobile and unauthorized user going to use your mobile with new SIM card, you will get notification message from that mobile number to your alternative registered mobile number. User can easily get cellular...

  • Find Friends




    Find-Friends application will help you to keep in touch with your Friends. This application will provide current location of you and your Friends and saw you that where is your Friends. So you can easily connect with them. This application will provide you to set visibility and add Friends from...

  • Remote Employee Tracking




    Remote Employee Tracking(RET) application is for tracking records of employee's of small organization.RET is password protected application , without successful login user can not access application. it maintains hierarchy of suprior user(parent user) - sub user(child user). sub user can...

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