• My Daily Horoscope




    Look into the stars with My Daily Horoscope! Get your personal daily horoscope notification in your notification bar. Share your horoscope with your friends and family with Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

  • Cheat-Database




    Find cheats, tricks, hints, or walkthroughs super fast on the go for your favorite video- or PC games with this handy application. Cheat-Database contains over 136'000 cheats and tricks - growing daily! Cheat-Database currently offers cheats for following systems: Android, C64, Dream Cast,...

  • One Fun Fact A Day




    Receive one fun fact a day to your notification bar. With this funny application you will always have something interesting to talk about with your friends, colleagues and family. "One Fun Fact A Day" delivers fun facts in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese!

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