Download Galaxy S4 Thermometer. Free Galaxy S4 Thermometer. Free icon
    Galaxy S4 Thermometer. Free

    Thermometer App is a very useful application that lets you know real temperature and the humidity in the air thanks to sensors that are included in your device, They are real data based on your location with your phone at any time.No data taken from internet , so make sure your device includes temperature sensor and humidity sensor that will funct…

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    Download Christmas Gifts. Game for Kids Christmas Gifts. Game for Kids icon
    Christmas Gifts. Game for Kids

    Entertaining Christmas game for kids. The goal of the game is to click as much as possible on the gifts image in order to avoid them reaching the bottom of the screen or touch the pointed tops of Christmas trees. The game is over if the player clicks some of the sharp Christmas decorations that showes from time to time.

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    Download Pirate Parrot. Treasure hunt Pirate Parrot. Treasure hunt icon
    Pirate Parrot. Treasure hunt

    Entertaining game for children where the Pirate Parrot has to jump from barrel to barrel searching the treasure. On the searching, it has to try to pick all the fruits up, which will provide the necessary energy to keep jumping. Very easy to use, kids only need to tap on the screen for the Pirate Parrot jump from one barrel to another. If failed…

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    Download How to draw for kids How to draw for kids icon
    How to draw for kids

    An application of paint especially designed for children with simple drawings. Containing characters and funny images and making any drawing without much problem, since the lines are quite simple to follow and steps to finalize any selections are not numerous, preventing the child from getting bored during the development of painting. Once you fin…

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    Download Train your Brain. The Memory Train your Brain. The Memory icon
    Train your Brain. The Memory

    Funny memory game that will help you to maintain your brain active. The brain training exercises are vey simple: Letters will appear on the screen and disappear within a moment. You have to remember the position of the them because you will be asked to identify in which cell those letters were placed on the former screen. Right answers will ra…

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    Download 6 Colors. 1 Color Wins 6 Colors. 1 Color Wins icon
    6 Colors. 1 Color Wins

    6 Colors, 1 Color Wins offers deceptively simple gameplay that forces you to think about which colors to match, letting you play by yourself or with another person on the same device.

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