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  • TextNow




    FREE SMS TEXTING, PICTURE MESSAGING, CALLING, AND VOICEMAIL Free calling and Unlimited SMS text messaging. TextNow gives you your very own dedicated phone number with which you can text and call your friends, family, significant others, neighbors, or anyone else you would like! PEOPLE WHO LOVE...

  • Touch Mobile Calls & Messages




    This app is the texting app for your Touch Mobile account. Once you have a Touch Mobile phone and number you can download this app onto any other device to view your messages and call and text using your Touch Mobile number. Touch Mobile is a new, cutting edge prepaid carrier. We use state of...

  • Touch Mobile Account




    This app is for Touch Mobile customers to view and change their account information and plans. Once you have a Touch Mobile phone and number you can use this app to access your account from any Android device. You will be able to view your balance, add PINs, change your plan, and view your...

  • 7.0





    Pingchat! is a cross-platform messaging app

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