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  • Ninja Hand Seals Puzzles

    Ninja Hand Seals Puzzles




    Ninja Handseals is a memory game where you should memorize the sets of hand seal to make the right ninja's style. You can choose 6 elements of ninja's style, there are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning and Special. Choose the name of style, and then you'll be given the sets of hand...

  • Nguri Budaya

    Nguri Budaya




    Nguri budaya adalah sebuah game bergenre kuis yang akan menguji kemampuanmu tentang budaya Indonesia. Pada game ini terdapat 3 kategori, yaitu: Pahlawan Nasional, Bangunan Bersejarah dan Lagu Daerah. Masing-masing kategori memiliki pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang akan meningkatkan wawasan dan...

  • FisikaMu SMA X

    FisikaMu SMA X




    FisikaMu is an educational mobile applications made by Enthrean Guardian for Android platform. This application aims to enhance the knowledge of students especially high school students (SMA) class X or first grade where the content inside is adapted from the curriculum of Indonesia. The material...

  • Skibbles1





    Skibbles is round character that has many stories to children and family. Children will be told the story with good morality in righteousness. This application is provided as comic or graphic novel. *The story text is now scrollable. You can also learn the jingle's lyrics: Skib...Skib......

  • A Different Youth

    A Different Youth




    A Different Youth is a words of motivation application to be a youth that always loves the righteousness and brings difference in his/her life. We can be a different youth by reading one item per day. This application is provided in two languages, they are English and Bahasa Indonesia.

  • FisikaMu





    This app contains education in physics. It consists of formulas, example of problems and also test simulation. This app is provided in Bahasa Indonesia. Content of Materials: 1. Gerak 2. Gaya 3. Usaha dan Energi 4. Fluida 5. Momentum

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