• Fruits and Vegetables for Kids




    Why Children Hate to Eat Vegetables? Nowadays our children are exposed to a lot of junk food and they love them too much. We really want our children to like fruits and vegetables but it's not been easy. They are already used to eating junk foods from infancy. This App helps our children to...

  • Kids Paintings Coloring - Cars




    BUG FIX : SUPPORT ALL RESOLUTION!! Why do children paint only with the some colors they like? This is because children usually develop discrimination capacity for various kinds of colors based on the some colors they often use. This coloring application helps children who are not used to the...

  • Kids Paintings Coloring Book




    Ever wonder why children like to color with only a few colors? It's due to the process of developing different colors from the colors children use often. This coloring app helps to choose suitable colors for each picture, so children can draw and color easily and quickly even if they are not...

  • Animals for Kids




    Animals for Toddlers & Babies This app will help your toddlers learn about animals. It teaches your kids how animals look, how do animals make a sound, as well as how to pronounce their names. Do you wish to be a good parent? Let your toddler know how many animals lives in this world....

  • Number Games for Kids




    It is not easy to teach kids the concept of numbers for the first time. Remembering the shape and pronunciation, like learning the names for things, is different from learning the concept of numbers because it is impossible for kids to understand, in a short time, the concept of numbers which has...

  • Kids Learning Vehicle




    "Kids Learning Vehicle" is an interactive app that is the fun way for your kids to learn sounds and names of the most commons transportations and vehicles. Features: - Attractive and funny pictures - Sound and name pronunciation. - Interactive animation. IF YOUR KIDS LIKE IT, PLEASE...

  • Flip Table Clock




    This is a simple, digital table clock. It will display the time in big, Since the screen will stay on while the application is open. (unless you manually turn it off. or set "stay on while the charging")

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