• Auto Call Recorder




    Automatic call recording When you are talking on the phone, click on the difficulties of recording this? Please use the automatic call recording application here. Who came to the phone. Receipt and sending, phone number, call duration, the name is automatically stored in the address book....

  • Auto Call Recorder - PRO




    First, try out the free version, please purchase the paid version. This app is an ad-free paid version. When you are talking on the phone , click on the difficulties of recording this? Auto Call Recorder app to use here . Who came to the phone . Receipt and sending , phone number, call...

  • Compass




    Compass app. Figuring out the direction of the compass dashboard. This application is when hiking, traveling haldae, when the fog kkieot helps to determine orientation. Bains and magnetic fields of the north, south, east, and west compass application will be judged. Ear plug is at the top of the...

  • Pedometer - PRO




    First, try out the free version, please purchase the paid version. This app is an ad-free paid version. It is easy and simple pedometer. Appropriate for your smartphone, you can set the sensitivity. The number of steps in the walk leaving you to save the record. You can also view a record...

  • Stopwatch




    Stopwatch ,Timer This app is easy and fast stopwatch. This app is running, the speed, operation time, and measure the time. Feel free stopwatch start or stop time of the recording, in seconds, so less time to accurately measure the units of application.

  • My Vibration - Call, SMS




    My Vibration - Call, SMS  Although you can create your own ringtones, make your own vibration is not? Ringtone maker, but there is no vibration maker? Vibrating rings in the corporate office. Look at my phone and saw the text message came to me (SMS), phone is not. Your own text messages to...

  • Text viewer




    Text viewer. txt, csv, ini, html, xml files, such as text, you can see the relevant documents. Novel and convenient operation quick and easy, please read the article. Text Viewer Features - Automatic recognition of the encoding - Automatic bookmark function (remember at the end of the...

  • My Analects




    sayings, phrases, motto , a wise saying, declaration, a definite statement Analects of celebrities such as recording and search.

  • Time calculator




    Time calculator Date Calculator (Time Converter) Is one year a few seconds? What year is a few minutes? Is 10,000 hours for a few years? This time, use a calculator. Converts the seconds, minutes, days, hours, months, years, year / month / day / minute / hour / second. Conversely,...

  • TimeTable Spread




    Students, teachers, and professors. You! Let's lectures, courses, timetable. School . Subjects make TimeSpread. Up from Monday to Sunday until Up to 1 hour to 24 hours, make a timetable. Max 7 X 24 The letters can be used for multiple lines. You can also sort the letters vertically...

  • No Smoking Diary




    Smoking, drinking, smoking, drinking, and do you want? Please write a smoking diary here. Convenient and easy to use calendar, you can create a diary. Need to write like a diary, write notes. If cigarette smoking and smoking cessation rates contributed a note of the number. Drank alcohol,...

  • Sound Level Meter




    The sound level meter. (noise measuring aparatus) Every smart phone, there may be an error of the measured value. The noise of their surroundings, you can measure how much. Android 80 ~ 100db of sound to the maximum value of the equipment may vary. You're starting to sound measurement...

  • Photo Frame Collage - PRO


    First, try out the free version, please purchase the paid version. This app is an ad-free paid version. photo collage app. This application combines several photos of the piece. You can change the background color to the palette frame. Photo collage by changing the aspect ratio of the size...

  • Snow Flower Star - Banner




    (snow, flower , star) banner Use neon sign, plan card , display board , scroll banner, billboard . In addition, once the character was written, the effect is automatically saved Do not need to re-write. To propose. Message to send when the cheer of When you catch a taxi ~ Concerts,...

  • Memo Widget




    Memo Widget Simple Memo widget , Note widget application. This application is available in various colors butilsu notes. Smartphone, you can add a widget on the screen. Memo to the size of the 1x1 ~ 4x4 size supported.

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