• To do list ( Sort by )




    To Do List (Tasks, priority) What is your first priority to do this? What do you have today? Your New Year's pledge, finding new year, new year goal is standpoint? ( Notepad ) First, you can easily edit the rankings do. Today is the first day should be a top priority, jaksim three days,...

  • Auto Call Recorder




    Automatic call recording When you are talking on the phone, click on the difficulties of recording this? Please use the automatic call recording application here. Who came to the phone. Receipt and sending, phone number, call duration, the name is automatically stored in the address book....

  • Compass




    Compass app. Figuring out the direction of the compass dashboard. This application is when hiking, traveling, when the fog helps to determine orientation. Bains and magnetic fields of the north, south, east, and west compass application will be judged. Ear plug is at the top of the screen...

  • Hidden Media,Hide Movie Photos




    Hidden Media (Hide Movie Photos) Are you a Photo, Video , Folder Gallery , viewing sensitive to other people something? This application as you protect your privacy. This application can be password locked. This application is a personal photo, image, and video processing can be hidden....

  • D-Day list




    D-Day list D-Day app (anniversary calculation) D-Day counter You would like to remember the anniversary of 100 days? Did you two lovers met a few days? Do you have a few days left for your anniversary? When is your birthday? You met with your lover D + 200 Olympics D-100

  • Time calculator




    Time calculator Date Calculator (Time Converter) Is one year a few seconds? What year is a few minutes? Is 10,000 hours for a few years? This time, use a calculator. Converts the seconds, minutes, days, hours, months, years, year / month / day / minute / hour / second. Conversely,...

  • Age Calculator (Life Days)




    How old are you? You can calculate your age You can calculate the days you have lived. This application calculates the number of months of the baby, calculate the number of months lived.

  • My Time Line ( Time Log )




    Manage your time efficiently and would like to record? Here, use my time line app. This app graphs, and a calendar of your life pattern can be analyzed. Distinguish several activities you can add your own. My time line, time logs, let's write. Calendar (Calendar) easily and conveniently...

  • My Analects




    sayings, phrases, motto , a wise saying, declaration, a definite statement Analects of celebrities such as recording and search.

  • Network IP calculator




    Network converter (IP calculator, subnet calculator, router) Following is a sample network calculator. When you set the address of the writer, will be required for this application. Are you using a network converter, the following information is available also. - CIDR - Subnet Mask - Number of...

  • Notes Recorder




    A voice memo recorder. (Notes recording) You melt the meeting or conversation in everyday life when you will need for this application. This application is easy to leave a note whether any recording track. This application shows the status of the recording sound volume can verify that the...

  • Headset (Earphone) Launcher




    This application is a friend of ear buds, a headset, Recognized automatically when you connect the headset earphones headset, earphone. And related to ear buds, a headset, a program run faster by running this application. This application is a music player, video player, such as dialing...

  • Monthly Alarm




    Is there a monthly alarm app for the weekly alarm application exists, why? This application can alarm every monthly. Monthly events, premium due date, electricity, water, gas, apartment expenses bills paid date, alarm app.

  • BucketList




    What to do before you die, what is it? This is a simple Bucket List App. Easy and useful for anyone, you can use the Bucket List memo. Use the Task List, To Do List ,Plan

  • Goals gauge -target challenge




    goal gauge Goals gauge (target challenge) Achieve challenging goals. What is your New Year's goals? What is your dream? To help you achieve your goal of achieving the goal of application. You know the rules of the 10,000 hours? Set the goal of 10,000 hours. If you want the money you...

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