• Text viewer

    Text viewer




    Text viewer. txt, csv, ini, html, xml files, such as text, you can see the relevant documents. Novel and convenient operation quick and easy, please read the article. Text Viewer Features - Automatic recognition of the encoding - Automatic bookmark function (remember at the end of the...

  • Mirror





    A mirror app. Do not look at your face to the camera, mirror on the application you use. Using the front camera as a mirror for Android you can see the face. Makeup, shaving, when the absence of a mirror Please use the mirror app.

  • Medication alarm - Drug Alarm

    Medication alarm - Drug Alarm




    Medication alarm - Drug Alarm If you take the time to inform the drug. If you have the time to inform about the medication. Time you see your doctor tells you to. Enter the time to take the medicine. This application is about to tell you to check it time.

  • Folder Music Player (MP3)

    Folder Music Player (MP3)




    Folder Music Player (MP3) Only the selected folder in the smartphone would you like to listen to music? Here! Please use music application folder. Select the folder that you are you can enjoy your entire music folder. Or in a folder, each listening to music, you can choose. No Repeat,...

  • Menstrual Calendar Diary

    Menstrual Calendar Diary




    Ladies! Relieve your worries fast and easy menstrual calendar As easy and comfortable as a woman's menstrual diary, and Predict the date of the next menstrual shows. Ovulation calculator function can Reproductive life span etc on the calendar shows. Contraception to avoid pregnancy period...

  • Quote - Order List( quantity )

    Quote - Order List( quantity )




    Do you want to buy computer parts clean history report? Do you want to organize the shopping list that you want to report? Do you want to show Order List to the customer? (Salesperson) You can use Order statement, Buy statements, Quote, Purchase order, quotation, Estimation, Bill Get your...

  • Hidden Media,Hide Movie Photos

    Hidden Media,Hide Movie Photos




    Hidden Media (Hide Movie Photos) Are you a Photo, Video , Folder Gallery , viewing sensitive to other people something? This application as you protect your privacy. This application can be password locked. This application is a personal photo, image, and video processing can be hidden....

  • Speedometer





    Speedometer app. GPS. Bike, car, bus talttae measure your speed. When walking exercise, measure your speed when running. Depending on the instrument panel, you can change the number. If you live in the country, you can change the speed unit. Settings button to set the GPS location services,...

  • Memo Widget

    Memo Widget




    Memo Widget Simple Memo widget , Note widget application. This application is available in various colors butilsu notes. Smartphone, you can add a widget on the screen. Memo to the size of the 1x1 ~ 4x4 size supported.

  • My Analects

    My Analects




    sayings, phrases, motto , a wise saying, declaration, a definite statement Analects of celebrities such as recording and search.

  • Quick Dial

    Quick Dial




    Quick Dial is a Speed ​​Dial application. This application is the most popular contact your telephone number, you can quickly. In addition, the recent call log to find possible. This application is the number of outgoing, incoming number, call time shows recently. You can edit the list of...

  • Time Calculator

    Time Calculator




    Time Calculator (Time Converter) Is a few seconds a year? Is a few minutes a year? 10,000 hours is astonishingly few years? Use this calculator to time. Year / month / day / minute / hour / second to second, minute, day, month and year of the converter. Conversely, seconds, minutes, days,...

  • Unit Converter

    Unit Converter




    Unit Converter Length, weight, width, volume, velocity, temperature, pressure and the like in terms of the transducer. This application of the function - Length Converter - Weight Converter - Width Converter - Volume converter - Rate Converter - Temperature transducer - Pressure Transducer...

  • Ruler (cm, inch)

    Ruler (cm, inch)




    Ruler~ When you need a ruler is very? When the ruler is not here, try using smartphones cut. The ruler can measure the length of objects. Length in inches, centimeters can be measured. App various rulers, rulers applications, tools, and apps that use it with a tape measure.

  • My Vibration - Call, SMS

    My Vibration - Call, SMS




    My Vibration - Call, SMS  Although you can create your own ringtones, make your own vibration is not? Ringtone maker, but there is no vibration maker? Vibrating rings in the corporate office. Look at my phone and saw the text message came to me (SMS), phone is not. Your own text messages to...

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