• Memo Widget

    Memo Widget




    Memo Widget Simple Memo widget , Note widget application. This application is available in various colors butilsu notes. Smartphone, you can add a widget on the screen. Memo to the size of the 1x1 ~ 4x4 size supported.

  • My Analects

    My Analects




    sayings, phrases, motto , a wise saying, declaration, a definite statement Analects of celebrities such as recording and search.

  • Quick Dial

    Quick Dial




    Quick Dial is a Speed ​​Dial application. This application is the most popular contact your telephone number, you can quickly. In addition, the recent call log to find possible. This application is the number of outgoing, incoming number, call time shows recently. You can edit the list of...

  • Time Calculator

    Time Calculator




    Time Calculator (Time Converter) Is a few seconds a year? Is a few minutes a year? 10,000 hours is astonishingly few years? Use this calculator to time. Year / month / day / minute / hour / second to second, minute, day, month and year of the converter. Conversely, seconds, minutes, days,...

  • Unit Converter

    Unit Converter




    Unit Converter Length, weight, width, volume, velocity, temperature, pressure and the like in terms of the transducer. This application of the function - Length Converter - Weight Converter - Width Converter - Volume converter - Rate Converter - Temperature transducer - Pressure Transducer...

  • Ruler (cm, inch)

    Ruler (cm, inch)




    Ruler~ When you need a ruler is very? When the ruler is not here, try using smartphones cut. The ruler can measure the length of objects. Length in inches, centimeters can be measured. App various rulers, rulers applications, tools, and apps that use it with a tape measure.

  • My Vibration - Call, SMS

    My Vibration - Call, SMS




    My Vibration - Call, SMS  Although you can create your own ringtones, make your own vibration is not? Ringtone maker, but there is no vibration maker? Vibrating rings in the corporate office. Look at my phone and saw the text message came to me (SMS), phone is not. Your own text messages to...

  • D-Day App

    D-Day App




    D-Day (anniversary calculation) You would like to remember the anniversary of 100 days? Did you two lovers met a few days? Do you have a few days left for your anniversary? When is your birthday? You met with your lover D + 200 Olympics D-100

  • Protractor





    Protractor When you need a protractor very? Here the absence of a protractor, try to use a protractor smartphone. Objects are mirrored protractor to measure the angle the camera can. Variety of applications protractor, try to use a protractor app.

  • Magnifier (magnifying glass)

    Magnifier (magnifying glass)




    Magnifier (magnifying glass) Try to use a magnifying glass magnifying glass applications. Your eyesight is not good, the characters are well near missing? Try to use a magnifying glass magnifying glass applications. This application is viewing your character or help things much.

  • Goals gauge

    Goals gauge




    Achieve challenging goals. What is your New Year's goals? What is your dream? To help you achieve your goal of achieving the goal of application. You know the rules of the 10,000 hours? Set the goal of 10,000 hours. If you want the money you collect 100 million? Set the goal of 100...

  • 한영 키보드 자판 보기

    한영 키보드 자판 보기




    한영 변환 키보드 보기 스마트폰에서 한글문자를 영문으로 찾기 힘듭니까? 모바일 기기에서 한글 자판을 영문으로 변경 변환 하기 어렵습니까? 한영 변환 키보드 보기를 사용해보세요. 안드로이드 모바일 기기에서 한영자판 배열 을 보면서 한글의 영문자를 찾아보세요. 특수문자 자판도 지원합니다. 메뉴 버튼을 이용해서. 키보드를 숨겼다. 보였다 할수 있습니다. 웹사이트 화면에서도 사용할수 있습니다. 한글 영문 변환에 필요한 화면에 사용하세요. ---- 개발자 연락처 :...

  • App Uninstaller

    App Uninstaller




    Quick App Delete App deleted application is quick and easy. You want to delete and delete your app and check box at a time. Fast, easy, you can delete the app. You can delete the apk package list is available. Then, select the check box and the batch number of apps that can be removed.

  • Ovulation Calculator

    Ovulation Calculator




    Ovulation calculator. Last menstrual period, and select the start date and the menstrual cycle Can calculate ovulation and pregnancy ganeungil ※ Please use for reference as there is a difference depending on the ladies.

  • Acreage calculator

    Acreage calculator




    Conversion between the acreage and square meter (m²). Easy-to-use. [Py, equilibrium, acreage, square meter, calculator, converter, convert, conversion]

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