• SOS Sports




    Have you ever set out alone to do your favorite sport and thought... What if I have a accident? How will anyone find me? How can alert someone for my rescue? S.O.S. Sport monitors your movement via GPS or Accelerometer if for a time (which you define) it does not detect that you are moving, SOS...

  • Linterna Widget




    Cansado de encontrar permisos raros en una simple linterna, me decido a crear un Widget de linterna sencillo, 2 botones, pantalla y led. Esta app es una de las lecciones que explico en mi curso Gratuito de programación Android. Puedes visitar mi web y ver su código fuente en:...

  • My Medicines




    Do not you remember what medications you have at home when you go to the doctor ? Do you take half the surprise when they are expired ? This application was made for an inventory of all medications (especially cough syrups and mucus ) that send pediatricians for the same thing , tired of not...

  • SOS Sports Key Unlock




    SOS Sports Unlock Key is a donation to add additional functions to SOS Sports, remember that this is NOT the application, you need SOS Sports to. Thanks for supporting the project! Additional features include: 1. Add the link to GoogleMaps SMS with your location, so you can see graphically...

  • Calculadora Ticket Comida PRO




    Calculadora de Ticket Restaurant y Buscador de restaurantes GPS PRO. esta Aplicacion tiene dos funciones, por un lado la calculadora que te ayuda a calcular el pago de la comida, y por otro lado un buscador de restaurantes mediante GPS. * Tienes Tickets de comidas? * A la hora de pagar es un...

  • Ticket Restaurant Calculator




    * Do you have Tickets Restaurant? * At the time of payment is a hassle to take account of cash tickets Restaurant and touches every person? * GPS location of restaurants TICKETS ACCEPTED. Those who know do not use Ticket us back if we spend, so it is important to give a ticket less and the...

  • Reforest




    ReForest is a program to reforest and manage your reforestation geotag, you will know when and where he or planted trees and planting as many as gone over the years. You can take photos of the progress of your trees and add to the history. Unfortunately the fires this past year are killing our...

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