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    Seriously, nothing to see here

  • NYC Bus & Subway Maps




    NYC Bus & Subway Maps offers something very simple, yet invaluable to both native and tourist alike. Complete offline access to the official MTA Subway and Bus Maps for all five boroughs of New York City. A return to it's original no-frills design, NYC Bus & Subway Maps is an app you...

  • AppAlarm Pro




    AppAlarm is now FREE and OPEN SOURCE! Wake up to Pandora, Slacker Radio, Stitcher or StreamFurious Pro! Launch any app or shortcut as an alarm clock! Features -Multiple alarms -Pick any app -Create shortcuts or pick them from the home screen -Launch custom “AnyCut” style intents -Play backup...

  • AppAlarm LITE




    ATTENTION: AppAlarm Pro is now FREE and open source! View other episode6 apps to download it now!

  • SuperDial




    Simple, quick and clean replacement dialer. Supports direct dial and T9 searching through contacts. Also supports photos on contacts Press MENU for options. Warning: This app contains several known bugs and is not being actively supported at this time. There is a complete re-write in the works,...

  • 1Kill




    Very simple util, when launched from the app drawer it will force close the Home Screen. Useful for when the home screen locks up, just pull up the drawer and launch 1Kill. v2.0 adds ability to create home screen shortcuts to kill a single other app. Long-press an empty space on Home Screen...

  • DC Metro Map




    Very Simple. Quick access to the DC Metro Map When run for the first time, the map image will be downloaded to your sd card. You only have to do this once, so make sure to run the app before you get on the train! :) UPDATE: better scrolling and multi screen res support Report problems to...

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