Independent Game Dev

Independent Game Dev

  • 7.0

    Reckless Stunts - Racing Game




    A racing game in which flips are more important than speed limit

  • Sugar Monster - The Mini Games




    Looking for a single free app that contains a bunch of addicting games full of fun? With this lite version of "Sugar Monster" you will get 8 free mini games without the need of any additional installation. Perfect for killing the couple of minutes that you wait here and there. The...

  • 7.0

    Sugar Monster - Hop Eat n Play




    Enter your favorite world and survive all obstalces

  • Straight Penta - Puzzle Game




    Straight Penta is a compelling simple free puzzle game. The objective is to arrange all the numbers in the 9X9 array in a sequential order from 1 to 5, horizontally or vertically, increasing or decreasing order. Thus forming what's called PENTAS. The arranged sequential numbers turns black....

  • X Challenge, Mental Math




    It's the year 2025, a race of super intelligent X aliens, challenges the human race's knowledge, experimental secret prototype droids are humanity's last chance of survival. The prototypes take the shots. You . . . have to call them . . . X Challenge brings an astonishing revamp to...

  • Dare To Deal




    Dare To Deal offers you a the intense excitement of challenging the banker in the Deal / No Deal game and win the maximum possible amount. This is the only game with interaction with the crowd and nerve-wracking moments of decision-making to either take the deal or dare to continue till the end...

  • 6.5

    Balloon Flee - The Escape




    Use the wind controls to drive the balloon into the tube

  • Dare To Deal 2 - Space Edition




    Dare To Deal 2 - Space Edition, the sequel to Dare To Deal that kept you on the edge of your nerves, comes back with the excitement of challenging the banker in the Deal Or No Deal game and win the maximum possible amount. But ! This time the challenge goes to space! You will play this time...