• DM-Pads (Drum Pads)




    --Multi-Touch Drum Pad Machine with Input Quantize for Android-- On initial install the app does not include any sounds. Pressing Menu > Help will link you to the free starter sample pack. Updates are now available for devices with Android 3.2 and above. This is due to some newer APIs and...

  • Eq'Nx DM-Pads Starter Kits




    Start Kit for Eq'Nx DM-Pads. This app will install content for the DM-Pads drum machine to your sdcard. Run the app when it has finished downloading! Installation will take approximately 15mb of space. Samples will be located at sdcard/EqNx/Samples. Kit files (.dmk2) are installed to...

  • Kickass Kicks Vol 1 Lite




    Kickass Kicks Vol 1 Lite Sample pack demo featuring 10 randomly selected overdriven Kick drum samples from the premium sample pack Kickass Kicks Vol 1. Features: 10 Huge overdriven kicks/bassdrums. Royalty free (check copyright and license below). 16bit/44.1khz wav file (DM-Pads Compatible)...

  • Kickass Kicks Vol 1




    EqNx Kickass Kicks Vol 1 (Kick Drum Sample Pack) Premium sample pack featuring 81 overdriven Kick drum samples. Features: 81 Huge overdriven kicks/bassdrums (hits). Royalty free (check copyright and license below). Choice of quality. 24bit/48khz wav file (Studio use) 15mb sdcard space...

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