• OSCAL 2015




    The official companion app for OSCAL '15 | Open Source Conference Albania 2015 OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the first annual international tech conference in Albania organized by the open source community in Albania to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture...

  • Concrete Slab Sizing




    This application enables the preliminary sizing and selection of cast-in-situ concrete slabs for multi-storey buildings. The user has the opportunity to select within a wide range of slab types, span dimensions and loadings, depending on his needs and aim. Once the input data (slab type, span and...

  • FolMeMua




    An application dedicated to the people with limited capacity The system helps the people with limited capacity do communicate with other people or the world envoirment using a smartphone. In this case the system interact like a link between the person and the evoirment. On this Alpha version...

  • Gjurmo Pako




    U lodhet duke kerkuar informacion ne poste per vendodhjen e pakos tuaj? Zgjidhja me komode vjen nga Gjurmo Pako. Gjurmo Pako, eshte nje aplikacion qe ju ndihmon te ndiqni vendodhjen e pakos tuaj vetem me nje klikim. Me ane te kodit qe ju jepet nga derguesi, juve informoheni ne kohe reale se ku...

  • SmartPlayer




    A simple player brought to you ,for just doing what s a player do,play yout prefered songs.

  • Urban




    Tashme Urban.Al me nje aplikacion te dedikuar per te sjelle informacionet e fundit ne smartphonin tuaj android. Informacione dhe te reja nga teknologjia, sporti, moda, kuriozitete, keshilla shendeti, receta gatimi e shume te tjera. Vizitoni:

  • LajmeShqipDroid




    LajmeShqipDroid ,simple rss reader in Albanian Language. -Read News from Albania & World. -Share News to Facebook,Twitter and Email. LajmeShqipDroid,nje lexues rss i thjeshte ne gjuhen Shqipe. -Mundesi Share ne Facebook,Twitter dhe Email.

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