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  • Istanbul Live




    Istanbul (Turkish: İstanbul) is the largest city in Turkey, forming the country's economic, cultural, and historical heart. With a population of 13.4 million, the city is at the center of the second-largest urban area in Europe and among the world's largest cities by population within...

  • CineBack




    You are one click away from latest movie trailers and posters with CineBack Android Application. * Beautiful UI design * In-page playback * Rotate-for-fullscreen playback * Watch movie trailers in high definition on phones and tablets * Barcode scan for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks. * Track tweets...

  • RD Mute




    Have you ever been in a meeting, in class, or in the library and your phone starts to ring a little too loud? Does your ringtone need to be censored for certain situations? RD Mute is the app that helps you mute your phone quickly when the situation calls for it. Flip your phone face down to...

  • RD Night Clock




    RD Night Clock is a simple digital night clock. RD Night Clock optimized for Amoled / Oled screens for low-power consumption. FEATURES * Weather information * Optimized for Amoled / Oled Screens * Color themes * Auto start option NOTICES If you use RD Night Clock with LCD-screen phone whole...

  • RD Whois




    RD Whois, domain name query tool for Android. RD Whois allows for adding custom whois servers to whois query results.

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