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Download Calculation Table Calculation Table icon
Calculation Table

Calculation tables for toddler and kids to memorize mathematic simple number calculations such as multiple, plus, minus

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Download iContact fast input iContact fast input icon
iContact fast input

iContact Input can quickly add contacts in Google,yahoo accounts to your Android phone in a quick way.

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Download Run Lion Run Lion icon
Run Lion

A new jump and run game. The running lion is going to kill the hyenas who stole his food, while avoiding snakes on the road. It is a great game to play run and shun.

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Download Travel Translator Travel Translator icon
Travel Translator

Translate Chinese into English,translate English to Chinese,Translate other frequenet used languages on international travel, including airport, custom, luggage claim, taxi, restaurant, bus, train, travel agency, etc even offline, also provide a online translator for any word to word translation on over tens of languages.

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Download Lion King Lion King icon
Lion King

Use the unique powers of the lion king to destroy the greedy hyenas' fortresses! The survival of the lion king is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy hyenas who stole their food. Use the unique powers of each lion to destroy the hyenas’ fortresses. Lion King features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. A good play…

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Download Shoot bombs Shoot bombs icon
Shoot bombs

Shoot the missiles from enenmey, shoot them all to protect your homeland. It is an addictice game to what socre you can achieve?

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Download Match word Match word icon
Match word

A wonderful game to study word. Match the Word for children make it easy in learning word with fun pictures and graphies. Intuitive pictures come to you select a correct, while showing the proper way to tap buttons. Among multiple choices, a correct word must be selected to continue to next word.

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Download Estimate Investment Estimate Investment icon
Estimate Investment

Want to be a rich dad by investment? This tool is must to have. By the input of asset price, investment/downpayment, loan, interest rate, tax, HOA, utilities, management and other expense, it outputs a critical financial index table, enable you make a quick decision with key factors such as cash flow after tax, cash flow after tax, cap rate, monthl…

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