Česká spořitelna, a.s.

  • Můj stav




    Finally you have your bank products under control quickly, simply and securely! Do you want check your current account balance? Do you need to know if you already received your salary or payment from your friend? This application from Česká spořitelna, a.s. helps you with that and much more!...

  • SERVIS 24 Mobilni banka




    The SERVIS 24 application is available free of charge in the Czech and English versions. PUBLIC ZONE OFFER: • Searching for Česká spořitelna branches and ATMs. The address and opening hours are provided for each point of interest. You can search either for the closest branch/ATM or by entering...

  • Investment center




    The Investment Centre application from Česká spořitelna offers free access to information from the world of investments. • Exchange rates for mutual funds, bonds, premium deposits, foreign currencies or gold • Performance, charts, top positions in portfolio • Current market data from the...

  • Lístkomat České spořitelny




    Application is available free of charge in Czech and English version. Do not spend your time waiting at a branch! Using the Lístkomat you can remotely “tear off” the virtual slip and get to Česká spořitelna branch only when it is your turn. Application displays time remaining to the moment when...

  • mPOS České spořitelny




    Accept payments via cards or MasterCard Mobile anywhere you need! mPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) terminal introduces a new mobile platform which allows you to accept all payment channels in one small device connected to a smartphone or tablet. The simplicity, mobility and speed of the mPOS...

  • BUSINESS 24 Mobilní banka




    Application BUSINESS 24 Mobile Bank enables its users to remotely access their accounts. OPTIONS OFFERED WITHOUT LOGIN: ●Search for Česká spořitelna branches and ATMs. Every point on the map indicates the address and business hours. You can search for branches and ATMs either by your current...

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