Espen 'Rexxars' Hovlandsdal


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NFC Enabled?

You launch it, it tells you if your phone supports NFC (according to the Android operating system). Nothing fancier than that.

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Agricola Buddy

Agricola Buddy is a free application that makes your Agricola games more enjoyable. It helps you with the score calculation through a simple user-friendly interface. The application also supports the Farmers of the Moor-expansion.

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Coffee Generator

Generate random combinations of coffee (espresso, cappucino, latte, etc). Combine with variations for heat, caffeine, milk, flavor and size - you'll probably find a new combination every day ;-)

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Download CBC '14 CBC '14 icon
CBC '14

CBC '14 gives you a complete list of all the beers available at Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. Browse beers by brewery, grouped by session. You may also mark brews as favorites and give them ratings.

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