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Alcohol Units Calculator

Ever wondered how many units there are in a drink? Ever sat in a pub and argued about that very point? I have. Many people just do not know how many units they are in the drink they are having. Without this knowledge you are at a disadvantage when trying to decide when is enough. A weak 3.6% pint of beer has 2 units in it. In the UK to remain w…

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Darts Checkout

Unlike other Checkout Apps this App shows you all possible outs for a value and adjusts the possible checkouts depending on how many darts you have left. Do you stumble trying to remember the checkouts for various numbers in darts? I know I do. What are the various checkouts that are possible? When are there no checkouts possible. It is all ma…

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Download Darts Calculator Darts Calculator icon
Darts Calculator

Do you struggle to add up the darts to know what has just been scored? How many times have you stood there unable to do simple maths under pressure? If the answers to these questions are Yes and Lots then this App is for you. Just input what scores have been made and this App will tell you how much was scored. To input the scores just state whe…

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Download Darts Scorer Darts Scorer icon
Darts Scorer

Do you struggle to subtract dart scores from the remaining total to know what is left? I do so I wrote this App. Using this App you can track two scores independently. You can start a game at any number you like. You can select different values to start at (maybe if you are giving a worse player a head start). Just type in each player's sc…

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Download Depth of Field Calc Depth of Field Calc icon
Depth of Field Calc

Ever taken a picture and wished that either more of it had been in focus or the exact reverse and that less had been in focus? Of course you have I certainly have. But what settings on your camera give which results and what if you change one of those settings what is the Depth of Field then. You can calculate it all yourself but it is not easy. Th…

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Download Exposure Calculator Exposure Calculator icon
Exposure Calculator

Takes the guesswork out of what shutter speed to use. Ever struggled with an exposure meter or the camera's auto exposure system and found that it just cannot seem to determine the correct shutter speed? I have and that is why this App was written. There are tables and formulae to help you to work out the shutter speed for yourself, but that…

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Download Spread Calculator Spread Calculator icon
Spread Calculator

Do you need to know not only what the standard deviation, the spread and the range of a sequence of numbers are but also how to calculate them? If so then this App is for you. Not only will this App tell you the answer but it will also tell you how you can work it out for yourself using the information you have provided. Great for helping childr…

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Download Compare It Compare It icon
Compare It

Do you stand in the supermarket wondering which of deals available for a single product is the best value for money but are unsure about how to work it out? If Yes then this App is for you. Just enter the details of the deals into this App and it will tell you which products gives the most for your hard earned cash. Supermarkets tempt you in wit…

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Download Fractions Calculator Fractions Calculator icon
Fractions Calculator

Do you struggle to work out fractions? Do you need help in understanding how to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions? Well if you do then this App is for you. Not only does it calculate the answers for you it also comprehensively explains how the answer was arrived at. This is the App to help your children with their homework because it…

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Download Areas Calculator Areas Calculator icon
Areas Calculator

Do you need to learn how to determine the areas of squares, circles, parallelograms, trapeziums, rectanges and triangles? If the answer is Yes then this App is for you. The Areas Calculator not only calculates the answers for you but it also tells you the formula used to calculate the area of the shape you selected. The App is simple to use. Ju…

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