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Alcohol Units Calculator

Ever wondered how many units there are in a drink? Ever sat in a pub a...

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Download Darts Checkout Darts Checkout icon

Darts Checkout

Unlike other Checkout Apps this App shows you all possible outs for a...

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Download Darts Calculator Darts Calculator icon

Darts Calculator

Do you struggle to add up the darts to know what has just been scored?...

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Download Depth of Field Calc Depth of Field Calc icon

Depth of Field Calc

Ever taken a picture and wished that either more of it had been in foc...

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Download Exposure Calculator Exposure Calculator icon

Exposure Calculator

Takes the guesswork out of what shutter speed to use. Ever struggled...

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Download Volume Calculator Volume Calculator icon

Volume Calculator

Do you need to learn how to determine the volumes of cubes, prisms, cy...

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Spread Calculator

Do you need to know not only what the standard deviation, the spread a...

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Download Areas Calculator Areas Calculator icon

Areas Calculator

Do you need to learn how to determine the areas of squares, circles, p...

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Compare It

Do you stand in the supermarket wondering which of deals available for...

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Download Fractions Decimals Calculator Fractions Decimals Calculator icon

Fractions Decimals Calculator

Do you need to convert fractions into decimals or decimals into fracti...

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