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  • Commercial Street, Bengaluru

    Commercial Street, Bengaluru


    Alpha Version: Commercial Street is one of the most sought after destinations for all your shopping needs in Bengaluru. We attempt to help users with store information, sale and search the stores on Commercial Street, and experience a new way of interfacing with stores. About 130 stores are...

  • Malls of Bengaluru

    Malls of Bengaluru




    NOTE:- BETA VERSION IS HERE! Thank you to all those 40 odd users who tried the alpha version. Please update with beta version, with several new malls and new GUI. Malls of Bengaluru provides access to all malls of Bengaluru! This is an alpha release. Features: ~~ Know Sale information across...

  • Brick Calculator

    Brick Calculator




    Brick Calculator is the app for you if you want to know the number of bricks you would need to build your house! The app comes with two options: 1. If you already know the total area (excluding windows and doors!), then you can key in the total area, brick dimensions, cost per brick, and know...

  • List of Phobias

    List of Phobias




    This app presents a list of phobias in alphabetical order, that have been spread across several websites on the Internet. The app has the following features: - Increase / decrease text font - Bookmark and favorites - Search a keyword to find the phobia! - Share a phobia with your friends -...

  • SOS Help

    SOS Help




    SOS App is one of the special apps developed by eTele Apps. Using the SOS App one can send a distress signal to his/her friends in case of emergency or danger, by pressing the SOS button in the app. Following are the features of the app: ~~ Uses GPS and AGPS to get current coordinates of user ~~...

  • 101 Scholars on India

    101 Scholars on India




    India is a country with great history. Several renowned scholars, scientists, poets, authors, writers, speakers, physicists, mathematicians from across the World had quoted India as mother of knowledge and wisdom. The app presents several quotes made by 101 scholars on India for your reading...

  • Wordathon 999

    Wordathon 999




    A popular word game, which we call Wordathon, is about making four or more lettered words from the given 7 alphabet, where all words must include the central highlighted alphabet! This is a fun word game and is the second word game from eTele Apps. The app comes with simple user interface, to...

  • Jumblethon 999

    Jumblethon 999




    Your favorite Jumble word game is here! Solve the four anagrams, each anagram containing a few highlighted alphabet. The highlighted alphabet from each anagram forms another anagram, which should be solved by taking the riddle as clue! Several jumble words are made available, keeping the user in...

  • ABCD Made Simple for Kids

    ABCD Made Simple for Kids




    This is a simple and easy app to learn and skim thru ABCD for kids, with AUDIO. Install and open the app, and simply swipe left to right or right to left on the phone screen to view the screens and learn ABCD. The app reads out each alphabet and its corresponding word. The app presents colourful...

  • ABCD for Kids

    ABCD for Kids




    ABCD for Kids is a very simple app that presents a variety of ways to learn ABCD, with AUDIO! The app is suitable for ages 3 to 7. The App is divided into following categories: ~~ Basic: This is the standard ABCD, which any book in the market teaches or presents to a child ~~ Fruits &...

  • Wall Paint Calculator

    Wall Paint Calculator




    Wall Paint calculator is the app for you if you want to know the quantity of paint you would need to paint your house! The app comes with two options: 1. If you already know the total area (excluding windows and doors!), then you can key in the total area and the paint spread value and know the...

  • Push Contacts to E-mail

    Push Contacts to E-mail




    Push Contacts to E-mail is a simple and convenient app that can be used to save all phone contacts to an E-mail ID of user's choice in , format. Saving contacts on an E-mail (or SD Card) always provides easy access to phone numbers when personal phone is not available or out of battery....

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