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  • Mohd. Rafi Hits

    Mohd. Rafi Hits




    One of the legendary singers of Indian Cinema - Mohd Rafi, sang 4,516 Hindi film songs, 112 non-Hindi film songs, and 328 private (non-film) songs from 1945 to 1980! An evergreen singer. Some of the most memorable songs of Indian Cinema sung by him - Dheere Dheere Chal from the movie Love...

  • Mukesh Hits

    Mukesh Hits




    Welcome to Legendary Hits of Mukesh, who mesmerized people with his golden voice! The app is a collection of the legendary singer's hit songs, more than 150, from movies like Aah, Awara, Shree 420, Aashiq, Didi, Choti Behan, Gora Aur Kala, Haryali Aur Rasta, Himalay Ki God Mein, Farz,...

  • Kannada Hits

    Kannada Hits




    Kannada Hits provides a list of all super hit songs from Kannada Movies, which can be played on demand, anytime, any where! As a starter, songs from more 50 movies (about 300 songs) have been included in this launch. More songs will be added in the coming days. Hit songs from movies like Geetha,...

  • Ilayaraja Telugu Hits

    Ilayaraja Telugu Hits




    Ilayaraja. The Maestro with unforgettable musical hits, now available thru this app. The app provides a list of all Telugu songs which can be played on demand, anytime, any where! As a starter, songs from more than 250 movies (about 1400 songs) and themes have been included in this launch. More...

  • Kishore Kumar Hits

    Kishore Kumar Hits




    Welcome to the songs app of Kishore Kumar! This app gives you on demand access to play and listen to the melodious songs of the legendary singer. Several classic songs from movies like Dharam Veer, Julie, Rocky, Satte Pe Satta, Aaradhana, Dharmatma, to name a few have been included. Over 350...

  • SP Balasubramaniam Hindi Hits

    SP Balasubramaniam Hindi Hits




    Also known as SPB, the great South Indian singer sang numerous songs in many Indian languages - Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and many more! The app presents a collection of over 200 songs from this popular South Indian singer, from Hindi films. The actor sang some amazing songs in...

  • Ghantasala Telugu Hits

    Ghantasala Telugu Hits




    Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao was a Legendary & Distinguished Indian playback singer and music composer of Telugu films and many other languages such as Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu and Hindi, was born on December 4, 1922, in Chowtapalli, and passed away on February 11, 1974, in Chennai....

  • ABCD Made Simple for Kids

    ABCD Made Simple for Kids




    This is a simple and easy app to learn and skim thru ABCD for kids, with AUDIO. Install and open the app, and simply swipe left to right or right to left on the phone screen to view the screens and learn ABCD. The app reads out each alphabet and its corresponding word. The app presents colourful...

  • ABCD for Kids

    ABCD for Kids




    ABCD for Kids is a very simple app that presents a variety of ways to learn ABCD, with AUDIO! The app is suitable for ages 3 to 7. The App is divided into following categories: ~~ Basic: This is the standard ABCD, which any book in the market teaches or presents to a child ~~ Fruits &...

  • List of Phobias

    List of Phobias




    This app presents a list of phobias in alphabetical order, that have been spread across several websites on the Internet. The app has the following features: - Increase / decrease text font - Bookmark and favorites - Search a keyword to find the phobia! - Share a phobia with your friends -...

  • Jumblethon 999

    Jumblethon 999




    Your favorite Jumble word game is here! Solve the four anagrams, each anagram containing a few highlighted alphabet. The highlighted alphabet from each anagram forms another anagram, which should be solved by taking the riddle as clue! Several jumble words are made available, keeping the user in...

  • Commercial Street, Bengaluru

    Commercial Street, Bengaluru




    Alpha Version: Commercial Street is one of the most sought after destinations for all your shopping needs in Bengaluru. We attempt to help users with store information, sale and search the stores on Commercial Street, and experience a new way of interfacing with stores. About 130 stores are...

  • 101 Scholars on India 2.0

    101 Scholars on India 2.0




    Thank you for reaching this App! 101 Scholars on India Vol II is the sequel to the first app, presenting another set of 101 quotes from famous and popular personalities - Authors, Writers, Scientists, Journalists, Actors, Doctors, Political Personalities, Poets - who admired and commented about...

  • Wordathon 999

    Wordathon 999




    A popular word game, which we call Wordathon, is about making four or more lettered words from the given 7 alphabet, where all words must include the central highlighted alphabet! This is a fun word game and is the second word game from eTele Apps. The app comes with simple user interface, to...

  • Kids Scribble App

    Kids Scribble App




    Kids Scribble App is a simple web app which allows a kid to scribble anything randomly or write or practice ABC or any language! The app comes with few colours to pick and scribble. Light-weight app, easy on your internet! Fun to scribble, teach your child ABC, and even use it to take down a...

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