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Trigonometry Calculator

Trigonometry Calculator is mathematical program for right triangle and scalene triangle. You simple enter numbers into fields and will you get result out. Is possible to rotate drawing for right triangle for better understanding. You can also use web version: http://eve-star.co.uk/geometry.

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Balustrade + Stair Calculator

I am 3d cad designer. I left Slovenia 8 years ago. Traveled around and worked few years as metalworker. I published this app 4 years ago. Is my first android. I don't want to upgrade or change any content on this app. I have more apps in my store and web page. I invested a lot of time to learn new technology for mobile web development and I wil…

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Gate calculator and design

Part 1 (home): Calculate gap between infill bars and start points for infill bars. I included gate drawing for posh home with part list. Part 2 (developers): Prediction from building developers and list of building developers in Surrey County. Part 3 (Gallery): Gates made from steel and wood for an expensive house market.

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Spiral Stairs

PART 1: Calculate vertical bar centers, horizontal bar centers, and photos from workshop. PART 2: Calculate bending radius for balustrade rails, rails length, step rising, angle for balustrade, and circumference. We included drawings for spiral stairs with dimensions for better understanding. PART 3: BLACKSMITHS ART BRUNO KALCIC are are in buisse…

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Estate Gates

CALCULATIONS: Calculate bar centers. Option 1 is with dog bars and option 2 is without dog bars. PARTS: Estate Gates drawing with part list. Also calculations for bars length. SURREY: Surrey’s rich have never had it so good. In year 2011, the combined wealth of the 50 richest people who were born or live in the county has reached a staggering £5…

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Afrobeats Music

Changes on 22/09/2014: We added news section. We'll be able to publish news about Afrobeats Music. We hope you are going help us with some good information. Our team have great knowledge when it comes to Afrobeats music, and we are happy to share with you all out there. You can listen to and view new videos daily every week, leaving you enter…

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Learn Backbone.js, Parse

Important changes(26/07/2014): How to build app: Mountain biking paradise with JavaScript and Parse. I built the same app with Backbone.js. Then I got idea...might is better to use only JavaScript and jQuery. Important is to get object with data into browser the rest is on us. We can use what we want. I invested a lot of time to learn Knockout.j a…

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Metalwork Calculations

1.Straight Stairs: calculate step rising, step going, stairs angle, stairs rising and going. 2.Draw Stairs on Table: enter step rising and going, step quantity and you'll get data for draw 2 parallel stringers on table. 3.Balustrade: calculate gap between balusters. 4.Spiral or Helical Stairs: calculate handrail length, step rising, angle for b…

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Download Alingo dance by Silona(Africa) Alingo dance by Silona(Africa) icon
Alingo dance by Silona(Africa)

Silona is a passionate dancer living in Los Angeles CA, She started up with gymnastics but at age 14, she discovered her passion for dance. Using her cultural diversity and love for different dances such as the African- Caribbean dance, she expresses herself on the dance floor. The song Alingo is by Nigerian Recording Artists P-Square

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Download Wooden windows&doors(Slovenia) Wooden windows&doors(Slovenia) icon
Wooden windows&doors(Slovenia)

We are involved with wood processing, manufacturing of wooden semi-products and timber production. The later include high-quality windows and entrance doors made of different materials. We provide our custommers with complete service, including advice, free measures in the field, dismantling and installation. Why Wood? Because wood is a natural…

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