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  • Small Business in Cobham (UK)

    Small Business in Cobham (UK)


    Business from street shops in Cobham is on Google play store and also as web application (http://eve-star.co.uk/cobham). If you need similar app you can give me a call. I use Backbone.js, jQuery, JavaSCript, jQuery Mobile and Parse for building apps. My applications are very fast. Database is...

  • Mountain Biking Paradise

    Mountain Biking Paradise


    We can say, without exaggerating, that Slovenia is a paradise for cyclists. For those strenuous ones, who like to test the limitations of their abilities, and the others, who enjoy Sunday family trips on bicycles. Well, our cycling trails cannot compete the length or organization of others, for...

  • Novice iz Anglije

    Novice iz Anglije


    Pred skoraj 8 leti sem se odselil iz Slovenije. Pot me je vodila na Irsko, kasneje v Anglijo...veckrat tudi v Kenijo in na koncu sem nekako s svojo druzino pristal v Cobham. Po poklicu sem in strojnistva. London z okolico ni najbolj primerna tocka za nas iz jeklenega poklica. Prav zaradi tega sem...

  • Learn Backbone.js, Parse

    Learn Backbone.js, Parse




    Important changes(26/07/2014): How to build app: Mountain biking paradise with JavaScript and Parse. I built the same app with Backbone.js. Then I got idea...might is better to use only JavaScript and jQuery. Important is to get object with data into browser the rest is on us. We can use what we...

  • How to build web app (code)

    How to build web app (code)


    We have less than 20 seconds to impress your users because of that web app has to be simple and fast application. I will show you 7 items every web app should has: - Loading additional pages of data - Display big photo - Display programmatically data from server - Change text height...

  • Clean your home (Cobham area)

    Clean your home (Cobham area)


    Do you need someone to regularly clean your home? I am a reliable person living in Cobham, offering to efficiently clean your home for 10 Pounds per hour. Reference available.

  • Backbone.js and mongolab app

    Backbone.js and mongolab app


    I changed the way how to learn Backbone.js because is being impossible for me to follow many lines of code on small screen. I started to write code on paper and marked part of code with different color. My android app Backbone.js and mongolab has good navigation between parts. Example: from...

  • Trigonometry Calculator

    Trigonometry Calculator




    Trigonometry Calculator is mathematical program for right triangle and scalene triangle. You simple enter numbers into fields and will you get result out. Is possible to rotate drawing for right triangle for better understanding. You can also use web version: http://eve-star.co.uk/geometry.

  • Garden Swing

    Garden Swing


    My Garden Swing is perfect product for your garden. I can make it for you or you can get drawings with descriptions from me for fair price.

  • Jv mobile welding, fabrication

    Jv mobile welding, fabrication




    My name is James Vaughan and I have worked for a variety of reputable companies. With over 12 years experience in the welding and fabrication industry, I and my team are able to produce work to an excellent standard at competitive prices for a range of customer needs. From staircases, railings,...

  • Balustrade + Stair Calculator

    Balustrade + Stair Calculator




    Surrey County is very popular among the richest people on the world. Is very good place for architectural metalwork. You will find a lot of information about metal products for most expensive houses on the world in my applications. You should download also other applications where you can find...

  • jQuery Mobile and php apps

    jQuery Mobile and php apps


    The easiest way to build web applications is to use combination query Mobile, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. I know that because I used from Knockout.js, AngularJS, Backbone.js. Common to all frameworks is they have a nice name. We need to invest extra time to learn new technology and in the...

  • Eve Africa & Beauty

    Eve Africa & Beauty


    Is our new web and android application for small business. It can be controlled from server(MySQL and php) via ajax. Application has also link to Google navigation. This future i like most because if i need to find destination I will simply click on the button link. Is no need to retyping...

  • HTML5 Interview Questions

    HTML5 Interview Questions


    For me programming is passion. I don't want to remember school definitions of JavaScript, html5... I had few phone interviews and they asked me exactly that. I didn't do well and I didn't get job. Because of that I built app HTML5 Interview Questions and next time I wont have any...

  • App for bargain price ($40)

    App for bargain price ($40)


    We are in difficult economic time. I build apps for small business for price you can afford, and you pay when you can. Is good to promote work trough smart devices. Send me photos, description, and contacts information. You will get professional web + android application build by latest standards...

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