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  • Fingerprint Mood Scanner

    Fingerprint Mood Scanner




    Fingerprint Mood Scanner - scan a finger and discover the mood ! Check yourself and friends !!! It's fun and easy, you can use it everyday. It takes you few seconds and make smile on your face :) Just place your thumb on the sensor and the mood detector analyze your feelings. Use mood...

  • Pocket Bubble Level

    Pocket Bubble Level




    Pocket Bubble Level - perfect app for every handyman, DIY and smartphone holder. Accurate, nice and easy to use, at the same time very functional. Install this application and you will have a spirit level is always handy. Our pocket bubble level on Android uses the accelerometer and gyroscope...

  • Compass smart Navigation 360

    Compass smart Navigation 360




    Free Compass smart Navigation 360 - a precise, functional and always handy. You are traveler or pirates ? Do you like visit national parks Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone or Adirondack. Instead gps pro you can use this kompas. Rotate 360 degrees and catch orienteering !!! Every place and...

  • Best Memory Games - Vege

    Best Memory Games - Vege




    Memory Game Vege is a fun memory game for kids and adults. Rules of the game are very simple - touch and discover the card, find two the same cards then disappear. The aim of the game is to match all the pairs of cards at every level of the game. Theme of the game are vegetables. Great fun for...

  • Memory Games Things & Toys

    Memory Games Things & Toys




    Memory Games - Things & Toys Memory Game Things & Toys is a fun memory game for kids and adults. Rules of the game are very simple - touch and discover the card, find two the same cards then disappear. The aim of the game is to match all the pairs of cards at every level of the game....

  • ColorUp funny game

    ColorUp funny game




    ColorUp fun game - catch colorful pixels, collect bonuses and discover other hidden treasures - give it a try! Be fast and accurate - it's the best recipe for the greatest number of points and gaining access to next levels of the game. How to play - Before starting the game check (on the...

  • Hot Weather Thermometer

    Hot Weather Thermometer




    With this application, Hot Weather Thermometer, you can check at any time the weather and the temperature and weather forecast for the next few days. The app works anywhere in the world. It has many useful features: - New! temperature display on the status bar (optional) - You can put a simple...

  • Milk the Mad Cow

    Milk the Mad Cow




    Have you ever tried to milk a cow ? a mad cow ?!?!? :) With the Milk the Mad Cow everyone has the chance! Milk the Mad Cow, is a funny entertainment application that amuse you anytime. How does it work? 1. Function - amusing. Tap the cow on the main screen, and you hear a funny sounds crazy...

  • Fingerprint Love Scanner

    Fingerprint Love Scanner




    Fingerprint love scanner - the love calculator game for couples. Scan both of your fingerprints and the love meter will show you how compatible you are. It's simple, place your fingertips on the scanner, keep them there for around 3 seconds, and you will automatically receive your love...

  • Give a Kiss

    Give a Kiss




    Give a Kiss - Test your kissing skills with Give a Kiss app. Kiss the screen and learn how romantic and passionate you are. The game judges your skills and you also get some good and funny advice. Practice to become a Natural Born Kisser. Give a Kiss has options for single kisses for boys and...

  • Formula Racing Calendar 2014

    Formula Racing Calendar 2014




    Formula Racing Calendar 2014 - if you're a fan of F1, with this app you will never forget about the next race of the FORMULA 1. The free version of app remind you about the race: on Friday - before the GRAND PRIX weekend, and on Sunday for two hours before the race. The application will...

  • Love Test Calculator

    Love Test Calculator




    Check the level of love compatibility in your couple with this Vlentine Love Test Calculator app. If you’re in a relationship, or you just want to check who your perfect love match is, this love game is for you! All you need is the name, the birthday, the height, the eye color, and the hair...

  • Fingerprint Lie Detector

    Fingerprint Lie Detector




    Fingerprint Lie Detector - check in 3 seconds who is telling the truth and who's lying! This app is great for a good party with your friends. Select any person, ask to put finger on the screen (scanner box) and ask her some fun questions, such as: - Do you love me /or name your friend/ ?...

  • Best Memory Games - Cars Logo

    Best Memory Games - Cars Logo




    Best Memory Games - Cars Logo is a fun free memory game for kids and adults. Do you like racing and car games ? How many of car companies can you recognize? Rules of this game are very simple - touch and discover the card, find two the same logos then disappear. The aim of the game is to match...

  • Coloring Pages

    Coloring Pages




    Coloring Pages for children is an app with beautiful coloring books for your child. If your child likes the popular cartoons, loves cartoon characters such as dragons, dinosaurs, princesses, elves, bears. Likes discover the world like Dora the explorer, coloring pages will give them a lot of...

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