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  • Football Memory Games




    Play Football Memory Games - it is a fun memory game for kids and adults who likes football clubs. Rules of the game are very simple - touch and discover the card, find two the same cards then disappear. The aim of the game is to match all the pairs of cards at every level of the game. Theme of...

  • Voice Lie Detector Prank




    Voice Lie Detector - check in few seconds who's telling the truth and who is lying! This app is prank - perfect party game. Select a person to the test, press START button and ask her/him some funny questions, such as: - How old were you when you had your first kiss? - Do you wear...

  • Coloring Pages




    Coloring Pages for children is an app with beautiful coloring books for your child. If your child likes the popular cartoons, loves cartoon characters such as dragons, dinosaurs, princesses, elves, bears. Likes discover the world like Dora the explorer, coloring pages will give them a lot of...

  • Best Memory Games - Vege




    Memory Game Vege is a fun memory game for kids and adults. Rules of the game are very simple - touch and discover the card, find two the same cards then disappear. The aim of the game is to match all the pairs of cards at every level of the game. Theme of the game are vegetables. Great fun for...

  • Barzellette e Scherzi




    Le migliori barzellette e scherzi italiani. Scoprili ora! In questa applicazione ci sono circa 8.000 barzellette e scherzi suddivisi in molte categorie. È una applicazione ideale per le vacanze, incontri con gli amici, feste o viaggi. Dopo aver scaricato scherzi e barzellette, l’applicazione...

  • Kawały i Dowcipy




    Zupełnie nowa aplikacja zoptymalizowana wielkość i funkcjonaliści. Dodane nowe paczki kawałów i dowcipów od użytkowników. Nowość - teraz każdy ma możliwość zgłaszania własnych kawałów, dzięki temu aplikacja jest na bieżąco aktualizowana o najnowsze dowcipy !!! W tej aplikacji otrzymasz...

  • Blagues et Plaisanteries




    Les meilleures blagues et plaisanteries. Vois-les ici!!! Dans cette application, vous recevez l'ensemble de 8000 de blagues et plaisanteries dans plusieurs catégories. C'est un site idéal pour les vacances, une rendez-vous dans un pub, une fête, pendant le voyage, etc. Après avoir...

  • Flashlight - Bright Torch LED




    Free super flashlight bright app for your device! Incredibly simple and very useful. Will use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a torch. - Bright flashlight / torch mode when using the device LED. - Great and diverse screen super lights. - Morse code SOS functionality to . - Small...

  • Hot Weather Thermometer




    With this application, Hot Weather Thermometer, you can check at any time the weather and the temperature and weather forecast for the next few days. The app works anywhere in the world. It has many useful features: - New! temperature display on the status bar (optional) - You can put a simple...

  • Data ON OFF widget




    Data ON / OFF it is a simple widget, using which you can enable or disable the data transmission on your phone or tablet. After installation the application, add the widget to your desktop. Clear instructions, how to add the widget is inside the application. Widget has two position: ON - data...

  • Formula 2015 Racing Calendar




    Formula Racing Calendar 2015 - if you're a fan of F1, with this app, using the F1 sound notification - reminder, you will never forget about the next race of the FORMULA 1. The free version of app remind you about the race: on Friday - before the GRAND PRIX weekend, and on Sunday for two...

  • Fingerprint Love Scanner Prank




    Fingerprint love scanner - the love calculator game for couples. Scan both of your fingerprints and the love meter will show you how compatible you are. It's simple, place your fingertips on the scanner, keep them there for around 3 seconds, and you will automatically receive your love...

  • Cigarette Battery




    Cigarette Battery widget on your smartphone desktop. Do you like smoking? Do you want to give up smoking !?! If so then this app & widget is for you !!! Choice one of three type of cool widgets and use it !!!! How to INSTALL: Hold finger on home screen > choose widgets > find...

  • Sleep Cute Baby Lullaby




    The app will help you put your infant children to sleep quickly and calmly. After the installation on your smartphone you will be able to play several monotonous sounds that help baby fall asleep quickly. These are the sounds of water, wind, beating heart, car engine, hair dryer, TV and some...

  • Maze




    Use the accelerometer or your finger to drive the ball out of the maze. It's great fun for long winter and Christmas evenings. Infinite number of levels, you will never get twice the same labyrinth - each maze is randomly generated. Increase the challenge and play the blind or anti gravity...

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