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  • Logo Memory Games

    Logo Memory Games




    Logo Memory Games is a fun free memory game. Check how many logos and brands of companies you can recognize and discover new one !!! Rules of this game are very simple - touch and discover the card, find two the same logos, then disappear. The aim of the game is to match all the pairs of cards...

  • Voice Lie Detector

    Voice Lie Detector




    Voice Lie Detector - check in few seconds who's telling the truth and who is lying! This app is perfect party game. Select a person to the test, press START button and ask her/him some funny questions, such as: - How old were you when you had your first kiss? - Do you wear underwear? (for...

  • Fruits Games - Exercise Memory

    Fruits Games - Exercise Memory




    Memory Fruits Games is a fun memory game for children and adults. Rules of the game are very simple - touch and discover the card, if in turn find two of the same cards then disappear. The aim of the game is to match all the pairs of cards at every level of the game. Great fun for all family or...

  • Sleep Sheep Cute Baby Lullaby

    Sleep Sheep Cute Baby Lullaby




    The app will help you put your infant children to sleep quickly and calmly. After the installation on your smartphone you will be able to play several monotonous sounds that help baby fall asleep quickly. These are the sounds of water, wind, beating heart, car engine, hair dryer, TV and some...

  • Selfie Mood: Face Mood Scanner

    Selfie Mood: Face Mood Scanner




    Face Mood Scanner - Selfie Cam can detect your or friends mood by face scanning. You can use the front (Selfie Cam / YouCam) or back camera (which usually you take a picture). This is way better than thumb or fingerprint scanner, because this app scans your face, which shows emotions. This app...

  • Reject & CallBack one touch

    Reject & CallBack one touch




    Reject & CallBack one touch - do you use unlimited calls tariff? Thanks to CallBack app from Examobile you can save loads of time and money. If you have unlimited talk plans on your mobile phone, by using CallBack, your friends and family don't need solutions such as VoIP, sms gateway...

  • Diet Timer Fast Way XXL ->Slim

    Diet Timer Fast Way XXL ->Slim




    Diet Timer is an ideal application for people who want to start losing weight and for those who want to form their good eating habits. With this application, maintaining your diet is easier than ever. This application allows you to set alerts that will remind you of your meals. Days and hours of...

  • Spot the Difference

    Spot the Difference




    Compare two images and spot the differences between them. Play in Spot the difference game, you can improve your concentration and perceptiveness. How to play: - find the 4 differences between images - use max three hints / tips - you get points for: finish each stage, each discovered...

  • Spin the Bottle Kissing Game

    Spin the Bottle Kissing Game




    Spin the Bottle Kissing Game. Perfect for a party, great fun for girls and boys !!!. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Steal a kiss and let her go :) Spin the bottle is a party game in which several players sit in a circle. The game starts by one player spinning a bottle. Whomever the bottle points to, the...

  • Chistes y Bromas

    Chistes y Bromas




    Los mejores chistes y bromas. ¡Pruébala ahora! Esta aplicacón contiene más de 8000 chistes y bromas de diferentes categorías. Una aplicación ideal para las vacaciones, quedar con los amigos, fiestas, viajes, etc. Tras la descarga, la aplicación chistes y bromas se instalará en tu smartphone -...

  • Funny Riddles (PL)

    Funny Riddles (PL)




    We deliver best games, funny riddles and jokes for all. That is extra entertainment applications - humor and fun for everyone in Polish. Install it if you want to have a laugh and cheer yourself and others! The application is ideal for the summer and holidays, it is useful at a party, a trip or a...

  • Blagues et Plaisanteries

    Blagues et Plaisanteries




    Les meilleures blagues et plaisanteries. Vois-les ici!!! Dans cette application, vous recevez l'ensemble de 8000 de blagues et plaisanteries dans plusieurs catégories. C'est un site idéal pour les vacances, une rendez-vous dans un pub, une fête, pendant le voyage, etc. Après avoir...

  • Tie a Tie

    Tie a Tie




    The need for tying a tie may surprise you, when you will not expected it. Your phone is always with you - therefore we recomended install this application and save for the future - you will see, I'm sure come in handy and will save you out of trouble ! How to Tying a Tie, is an application...

  • Barzellette e Scherzi

    Barzellette e Scherzi




    Le migliori barzellette e scherzi italiani. Scoprili ora! In questa applicazione ci sono circa 8.000 barzellette e scherzi suddivisi in molte categorie. È una applicazione ideale per le vacanze, incontri con gli amici, feste o viaggi. Dopo aver scaricato scherzi e barzellette, l’applicazione...

  • HangMan free

    HangMan free




    The classic game Hangman is a cool word puzzle game. This hangman free game comes with classic games that bring good gameplay and lot of fun. Is your vocabulary big enough to save this poor man? Play hagman free, guess each letter to avoid a grisly fate... and find out! You can play alone -...

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