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    Solar storms are a threat to infrastructure such as satellite communications, navigation systems and electrical transmission equipment. Solar storms release particles that can destroy computer circuits. The intensity of solar storms is expected to peak in 2013. In 1859, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred. Telegraph systems all over Eu…

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    Notes Scribe

    Organize notes in folders and sub-folders Text notes, checklists, drawings, audio recordings, calendar All notes are saved in non-proprietary formats on the sd-card Rename, move, delete folders and notes Customize settings Encrypt drawings and notes with secure AES-256

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    Earth is the only known planet with liquid water on its surface and is certainly the only one in our solar system. 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean, more than half of this area is over 3 kilometres (9,800 ft) deep. Current sea level rise has occurred at a mean rate of 1.8 mm per year for the past century. Scientific evidence suppo…

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    Organize notes in folders and sub-folders All notes are saved in non-proprietary formats on the sd-card Text notes and checklists Drawings, handwriting, photos Audio notes Alarms and reminders Long click on notes to rename, move, delete folders and notes Set priority and home-screen shortcuts Save email lists Customize settings Regular updates

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    Relax yourself with smooth and calming sounds. Listen to relaxing musics at work, in public transportation, in your car, or at home, in order to calm yourself down, and let go all the daily stress. You will also help your brain generates gamma waves. Studies with Tibetan Buddhist monks who practice meditation have shown a correlation between gamm…

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    Listen to planet Earth. Listen to thousands of radio stations from more than 40 countries around the world. Are you studying a foreign language? Are you getting ready for a trip abroad? Or, you simply want to listen to different musics and sounds around the world. Listen to more than 3,000 internet radio stations. Additional countries and station…

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