• MotorSports 2 Google Calendar




    Due to the huge amount of negative feedback received during the last month because I didn't published the calendars for F1, SBK... this will be the last year of this application. I am not a professional living from this, but I do it in my free time and it took a lot of time to build each...

  • Japan Trains




    Japan Trains is the first application for Android in Romaji that allows us to find train routes and schedules in Japan, in the vein of: Hyperdia, Jorudan... If you cannot find desired station, you can use % character as wildcard. For example: AZA%BAN will display AZABU-JUBAN station. SHIN%KOBE...

  • Uruk-Hai




    All started back in 1999 with a HROSSHARSGRANI Tape called "Uruk-hai", only 6 copies where made for good friends of mine, this friends told me after listen to that tape that they like it very much so I decieded to start a new project doing this kind of "Battle Ambient" under...

  • Euro2012 - Google Calendar




    This summer, enjoy Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine and do not miss any match using Euro 2012 - Google Calendar. With Euro 2012 - Google Calendar you can save to your Google calendar, all the matches of your selection, the matches of any of the 24 participants or those matches you are interested...

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