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  • Mo FestX

    Mo FestX




    A mobile App for stress-free events Mo FestX can be used by serving stuff, which are hired for events. Instead of using an ordinary writing pad the mobile phone is used for taking and discounting the orders.

  • Success Stories

    Success Stories




    SUCCESS STORIES Read real people’s true stories: personal success stories. Anything but fiction, in the form of short stories, in one app. Success Stories. Success Stories These success stories are based on interviews conducted by Robert Schuen. He’s got only one question: What are you really...

  • Mo RelaX

    Mo RelaX




    The mobile App for stressless relationships. Mo RelaX supports in achieving stressless relationships with the capability to record tasks - anytime, anywhere - and set a reminder in the future. It even lets you record tasks immediately after a phone call and supports you by prefilling the task...

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