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Download Virtual Weed Smoking FREE Virtual Weed Smoking FREE icon
Virtual Weed Smoking FREE

This FREE (ad-supported) app lets you 'smoke' virtual weed! Simply place the 'virtual weed' in the pipe, press for the lighter and inhale through your microphone. Hold it in, and exhale! When it's cashed, turn your device over to empty. Show your support by downloading "Virtual Weed Smoking PRO" for only 99cents.…

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Download Shake Charge Battery PRANK App Shake Charge Battery PRANK App icon
Shake Charge Battery PRANK App

Simply open the app, and hand the phone to your friend. Watch as he shakes the phone furiously for a couple of minutes. When the phone battery hits 100% a notification window that says 'Charge Complete' appears. Immediately after that another notification window appears telling him that he was pranked! NOTE: This is NOT real! There is N…

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Download Breathalyzer Test Breathalyzer Test icon
Breathalyzer Test

Have you ever wished your phone could tell you how drunk you really are? Well now it can! Well, not really, but it's still good for a laugh. Just hand your phone to a friend after they've been drinking and have them start the test by blowing into the microphone. When complete, the app will tell them how drunk they really are, along wit…

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Download Add a Cat FREE - Photo Editor Add a Cat FREE - Photo Editor icon
Add a Cat FREE - Photo Editor

Add-a-cat for Android is a FREE photo editing app that lets you add cats to your favorite photos! Add, move, resize and rotate as many cats as you want. Choose from cat heads, funny cats, accessories and holiday themes. When you're finished simply press 'save' and share with all of your friends on Facebook! ****All photos are saved…

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Download Lie Detector Test FREE Lie Detector Test FREE icon
Lie Detector Test FREE

Our Lie Detector Test is a free app where YOU determine the results! This app is best used for fooling your kids, pranking your friends and tricking anyone who is gullible enough to believe it! To use this app, simply tilt your phone to the left or right to set the predetermined results. The light on the far right will change to either red or gr…

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Download Fart Timer Fart Timer icon
Fart Timer

The Original Fart Timer! Just choose a fart sound, and press START. Put your phone near your friend in a quiet place such as a library and wait for it! Watch the expression on your friend's face as they realize what just happened. If you are really feeling mischievous, place the fart timer on repeat! Perfect for pranking your friends in:…

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Download Air Horn App! Air Horn App! icon
Air Horn App!

Let's make some NOISE!!!!! The original air horn app makes every event LOUDER and MORE FUN! Short press the buttons for a quick burst, or long press them for a LOUD extended blast! Perfect for sporting events, parties, graduation and video game chat! For better performance, use the original air horn app with an external speaker system.

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Download Juice Offender - Battery Drain Juice Offender - Battery Drain icon
Juice Offender - Battery Drain

Juice Offender is the absolute fastest way to DRAIN your battery! Reasons to Drain Your Battery Include: - Battery Brand Testing - Full Power Cycle Charging - ROM Calibration Testing - Pranks on Your Friends :) - Also Works as a Hand Warmer & Flashlight! How this APP Works: -Turns on Permanent Vibration -Enables Wifi Send Data -Constantly…

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Download Dog Whistle App Dog Whistle App icon
Dog Whistle App

The original FREE dog whistle app! Just press any of the 4 frequencies on the dog whistle app and watch as your dog is mesmerized. The dog whistle app is great fun for the whole family and can be used in a variety of settings. Train your dog to do tricks! Train your dog to stop barking! Use it on your own dog OR other dogs! Use it on humans to…

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Download Animal Sounds & Ringtones Kids Animal Sounds & Ringtones Kids icon
Animal Sounds & Ringtones Kids

Let your kids explore the sounds of the animal kingdom with this simple and free Android app! Listen to the sounds of 20 animals and save them as Ringtones, Alarms or Notifications. Keep your kids engaged while learning. Just touch and listen! 100% Free!

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