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Jewels Maze!

Another classic and fun match-3 game with many new exciting features launches on the android market now. If you loved diamend or jewels style games, Jewels Maze is the one that you must have. It is similar to bejeweled but also brings a completely refreshing feeling to the increasingly irksome gameplay, adding a sense of exhilaration and intensity…

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Jewels Maniac!

Are you a Jewels Maniac? If you loved diamend or jewels style games, "Jewels Maniac!" is the game that you must have. It is a classic match-3 puzzle game, just like Bejeweled. But its hexagon background blocks give it a totally different experience which make it easier to paly but more challenge to get higher score than casual match-3 je…

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Download Jewels Link! Jewels Link! icon
Jewels Link!

The Best finger-sliding jewels elimination game on android market. Are you a super fan of diamend or bejeweled style games? Are you tired of the monotonous scene and the same playing method of the classic jewels-elimination games but you still can't help enjoying it! Slide your finger to create chains of three or more jewels until a gorgeous…

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Download Jewels Miner! Jewels Miner! icon
Jewels Miner!

"Jewels Miner!" is a very classic "bubble breaker" game. Once you start, you can't stop! Tap on two or more adjacent jewels with the same color and tap again to destroy them. The more jewels you pop once a time, the more score you will get. _______________________________________ How to Play: - Just tap two or more adjace…

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Download Devil Hunter Devil Hunter icon
Devil Hunter

Devil Hunter, the amazing physical and puzzle game! The devils came in, occupied the village and drove all the villagers out of the country. It's time that all of the survived villagers take weapons to fight with the devils. Please help to Kill all of the devils and get their home back. ======================================================…

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Download Word Maze Word Maze icon
Word Maze

A free and classic word puzzle game, including the following two game modes: 1. WORD SEARCH: Find out all the hidden words from the grid. 2. NUMBER MAZE: If you like Sudoku, you will like it.

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Download Croco Runner Croco Runner icon
Croco Runner

The most lovely endless 'Run&Jump' platform game. Long long ago in prehistoric time, there was a little crocodile called Croco. He got lost during a large-scale migration. He needed to begin the journey all by himself now. To keep alive, he needs to eat as many fruits as he can while running. However, he is not alone. There are lots o…

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Download Fruit Pop Fruit Pop icon
Fruit Pop

Are you looking for classic bomberman style games in android market, such as poptag, poptang, or Crazy Arcade? Oh,it is a pity that you got no result! Bingo, Fruit Pop is what you want! Long long ago,there was a mysterious fruit country,where people lived a peaceful and happy life. But one day a few strangers broke in and hijacked all of the ad…

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