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  • Thai Boxing: Leg Techniques

    Thai Boxing: Leg Techniques


    Leg techniques are called "ashi" in Thai Boxing. The leg is a well-known weapon in close combat. There is no Thai Boxer who doesn't know how to use their legs. Nine of the ten leg movements are dangerous and very difficult to defend against. ...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 55...

  • The Incubus Movie

    The Incubus Movie


    A series of violent attacks shakes the foundations of a small New England town. The local police chief (John Ireland) enlists the help of a pathologist Dr. Cordell (John Cassavetes) is solving this bizarre case. Dr. Cordell s daughter tells him that her...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 93...

  • Wu-Style Tai Chi Health Sword

    Wu-Style Tai Chi Health Sword


    The Wu-Style body-strengthening sword has a total of 25 forms compiled by the Wu-Style Taijiquan masters on the basis of Wu-Style Taijiquan. It combines the techniques of the broadsword with those of the sword. The basic hand form is sword-fingers,...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 56...

  • Betty Boop Collection - Vol. 1

    Betty Boop Collection - Vol. 1




    Betty Boop is back and booping it her way now more then ever before with this ultimate collection of some of her most beloved classics. With her ample moves and trademark sultry way, it's no wonder why people of all ages love this cartoon vixen....more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 84 Minutes)

  • Shaolin Kung Fu Nanyuan Boxing

    Shaolin Kung Fu Nanyuan Boxing




    This boxing is based on the Small Back-Through Boxing and Big Hong Boxing. The structure is tight, the attack is violent and the defense is perfect in actual combat. It is especially suitable for teenagers....more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 46 Minutes)

  • Shaolin Kung Fu 18 Arhat Skill

    Shaolin Kung Fu 18 Arhat Skill


    The Eighteen Arhat Skills is one of the first elementary boxing series in Shaolin Kung Fu. According to the Shaolin boxing manual, the kung fu monks had selected and edited a simple series of boxing that didn't have too much exercise. It was for the...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 52...

  • Kungfu: Shaolin Chang Quan

    Kungfu: Shaolin Chang Quan


    Shaolin Chang Quan (long-style boxing) was created by Zhao Kuangyi, the first King of the Song Dynasty, after his long experience fighting enemies on the battlefield, and it consists of 32 forms. In the boxing chart, it is said: Shaolin Chang Quan is...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 46 Minutes)

  • After Mein Kampf & Nuremberg

    After Mein Kampf & Nuremberg




    After Mein Kampf & Nuremberg Trials & The Secret Life of Hitler. This documentary triple feature covers Hitler's rise to power & rape of Poland, the criminal trials of many notorious Nazis including Goebbels, Goring and Himmler, and a bizarre look at the life of Der...

  • Guns Don't Argue Movie

    Guns Don't Argue Movie




    If you liked MA BARKER'S KILLER BROOD you'll definitely want to see this schlocker about the rise and fall of America's most famous criminals. Dillinger is played by Healy. Crane plays Johnny Van Meter. Ma Barker is a little on the geeky side. Bonnie & Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, and...

  • 2012: Mayan Prophecy

    2012: Mayan Prophecy


    Is December 21, 2012 the end of the world as we know it? Climate change seems inevitable with countless hurricanes, earthquakes and innumerable disasters around the globe in recent years. What did the ancient Maya know and why did they place such ...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 77 Minutes)

  • Guo Jian Yoga: Men's Yoga

    Guo Jian Yoga: Men's Yoga


    Guo Jian Yoga includes theory courses of Yoga Physic, Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, health-preserving, psychology and cosmetology and posture training courses. The video products of Guo Jian Yoga Series Courses contain the special posture...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 60 Minutes)

  • The Ten Commandments Animated

    The Ten Commandments Animated


    This marvelous animation introduces the Ten Commandments in stories that children of today can relate to and understand in their own way. Its central characters are youngsters dealing with the common situations of a child's modern daily life -- at home,...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration:...

  • Royal Wedding & Dora's Dunking

    Royal Wedding & Dora's Dunking


    Double Feature! Fred Astaire and Jane Powell star as a brother and sister dance team that is invited to England to perform at the same time as the royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth. On the cruise ship, Ellen (Powell) meets and ...more at www.eztakes.com. (Dur: 108 min) Plus: Dora's Dunking...

  • Fantasy Mission Force Movie

    Fantasy Mission Force Movie


    In the hight of World War II, Japanese forces manage to capture a key group of Western generals. Sammy (Jackie Chan) joins a team of commando warriors tasked to get the prisoners back. Along the way, they face challenges and fight battles that you'll have...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration:...

  • Thai Boxing: Practical Skills

    Thai Boxing: Practical Skills




    Thai Boxing, reputed to be unconquerable in the past five hundred years, is a national sport of Thailand. Thai Boxing attacks with the fists, elbows, knees, and feet. These eight parts are the weapons, so it is also called Boxing of the Eight Limbs. ...more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 55 Minutes)

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