Fabien Thalgott

  • MD5 Checker




    This application allows the user to compare the MD5 checksum between two files or alternatively between a file and a value entered manually. When loading a .md5, it will read its content and put it in the field instead of calculating the hash. The checksum calculation can take several seconds on...

  • Explosions




    Do you like to blow up stuff ? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here ! Then click on the button and BOOM. Enjoy the fireworks ! App goes to sdcard by default. Tags : Explosion , blast , detonation , blow up , bomb , tnt

  • Thunder & Lightning




    Unleash the power of lightning ! Plug your device on a loud speaker, turn off the lights and amaze your friends with a realistic thunder clap effect. Features 15 high quality images and thunder clap sounds. Tags : lightning bolt , storm , thunderstorm , joke , prank , fun , weather

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