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Download Vibrator SMS Vibrator SMS icon

Vibrator SMS

Vibrator SMS Customize the duration and intensity of the vibrate when...

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Download 15 Matchsticks 15 Matchsticks icon

15 Matchsticks

Palito de fósforo. Game 15 Matchsticks for smartphone e tablet. Puzzl...

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Download 21 Matchsticks 21 Matchsticks icon

21 Matchsticks

Palito de fósforo Game 21 Matchsticks for smartphone e tablet. Goal:...

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Download Animal Sounds Animal Sounds icon

Animal Sounds

Children's game Click on the animal to hear his sound.

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Download Multiplication table Multiplication table icon

Multiplication table

Multiplication table Tabuada Recommended for children who need to stu...

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Download Puzzle shapes Puzzle shapes icon

Puzzle shapes

Puzzle shapes for Smartphone and Tablet. Goal: Move the big red squar...

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Download Star puzzle Free Star puzzle Free icon

Star puzzle Free

Star puzzle. Goal: 9 yellow balls put inside the star. How to play:...

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Download Sum Numbers Sum Numbers icon

Sum Numbers

Puzzle, Sum Numbers Level1 Place the pieces in the triangle so that a...

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