Fabio Nunes

  • Animal Sounds




    Children's game Click on the animal to hear his sound.

  • Tic-tac-toe (Jogo da Velha)




    Thinking game very fun. Goal: Schedule a sequence of three-X-or three-O-horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Play: Start a new game. Player 1: Choose one player to play against your phone or player 2 to play with a friend. Easy: Choose the level of play between Easy, Medium and Hard....

  • 21 Matchsticks




    Palito de fósforo Game 21 Matchsticks for smartphone e tablet. Goal: Catch the lasted matchsticks the game. How to play: Select one to three sticks of phosphorus at most who get the last sticks of phosphorus is the winner.

  • 15 Matchsticks




    Palito de fósforo. Game 15 Matchsticks for smartphone e tablet. Puzzle Nim Goal: Leave the last pick of the game to the opponent. How to play: Select the number of matches you want, but one line at a time. It is not allowed to remove toothpicks from two different lines on the same play. Those...

  • Puzzle shapes




    Puzzle shapes for Smartphone and Tablet. Goal: Move the big red square to the exit. How to play: Click on geometric shape to set it. Use the arrows to move: LEFT, RIGTH, UP e DOWN. Menu New Game: Start a new game. Save: Save the current game. Last game: Load the last saved game. Help: Displays...

  • Multiplication table




    Multiplication table Tabuada Recommended for children who need to study the multiplication tables

  • Vibrator SMS




    Vibrator SMS Customize the duration and intensity of the vibrate when you receive an SMS. To configure the function On/Off button to On. The application does not need to be running to work when you receive an SMS.

  • Reverse Queue


    Reverse Queue, Puzzle. Goal: Reverse the queue white balls with queue yellow balls. How to play: Move the white or yellow balls to empty house (black ball). It is allowed to skip a ball. The white balls jogging apaneas right and the yellow balls move up just to the left.

  • Sum Numbers


    Puzzle, Sum Numbers Level1 Place the pieces in the triangle so that all vertical and horizontal lines are positioned with their numbers so that their sum is 9. Level2 Place the pieces in the triangle so that all vertical and horizontal lines are positioned with their numbers so that their sum...

  • Star puzzle Free




    Star puzzle. Goal: 9 yellow balls put inside the star. How to play: Click 3 balls straight, the first and the last ball has to be red. Clicking on a ball it will be checked, click to clear the same ball again.

  • Connection shortcut




    Shortcut to turn on 3G, GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth

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