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  • Html5 Cheat Sheet

    Html5 Cheat Sheet




    HTML is a formatting language that programmers and developers use to create documents on the Web. HTML5 has added new features for programmers such as , and elements. Html5 cheat sheet will help you learn and remember the new and important tags.

  • Radio Partner

    Radio Partner




    Radio partner is a radio service that streams music on your android phone.It contains Hindi,Punjabi,English(Rap,Metal,Jazz,Pop),Tamil and Malayalam Stations.Now You can listen your favourite radio stations anywhere.For better Performence use Wifi or 3g Services.

  • Mumbai Station History

    Mumbai Station History




    We are living in Mumbai from long time but We dont know Meaning of Mumbai stations name ex why we call vile_parle only Vile Parle..What is the history of this station.Mumbai station history App contains information about Harbour,Central and western railway stations.It contains information about...

  • flipNsilent





    Features: 1.Flip to make phone on silent during incoming call. 2.It will read your incoming messages(To use this service TTS(Text To Speech) must be installed in your phone otherwise it will ask you to install during installation of this app). Flip to make incoming calls silent! If you forgot...

  • T20League TimeTable 2012

    T20League TimeTable 2012




    Never miss an IPL game again!!! "T20 League TimeTable 2012" application serves the cricket lovers to know the schedules of the IPL Matches 2012 and also provides the feature to add or schedule a reminder by a single click on "ADD REMINDER" button. Set up your own reminder...

  • Desi Beats

    Desi Beats




    Desi Beats brings the vibrancy and richness of the Indian Instruments music.Using this app people from the world can experience it.

  • Smart Medicine Reminder

    Smart Medicine Reminder




    Smart Medicine Reminder will provide alarms on given times to remind you about medicines and with this app you will not forget to take your medicine anymore.It will remind you for medicines by sending notification.

  • Mumbai Slang

    Mumbai Slang




    Bambaiyya Hindi or Mumbai Slang is a mixture of Hindi, Marathi, English with a strong tendency to simplify the grammar of regular Hindi. This application provides you with the slang's used by local Mumbaikar's.

  • Regex Checker

    Regex Checker




    Regular expressions are used to match strings of text such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. This application will help users to check if the input line of text matches a particular regular expression. Users can save their own regular expression or match against the...

  • Rajni Jokes

    Rajni Jokes




    He's is back. The one who can spin the earth, one who can make onion's cry. He is Rajnikanth. The evergreen collection of Rajnikanth's most famous and hilarious jokes. Sharing option added. Now users can share jokes through SMS. Note: SMS charges applies as per tariff plan.

  • Famous Temples of India

    Famous Temples of India




    India - A land of intense spirituality and religious faith reflected in the profusion of holy places present in this subcontinent. Temples are found every where in India from large monumental structures to small stone buildings, each having a certain significance and greatly influencing the lives...

  • Mumbai Darshan

    Mumbai Darshan




    Do you want to explore the best and famous places in Mumbai or just want to know more about this beautiful city? This application will provide you with all the information you require in just one click.

  • Management Quotes

    Management Quotes




    Words of wisdom by famous and successful Entrepreneurs. To add the widget, long press on home screen (press the menu button and click add) and then click widget and select the widget.

  • Chanakya Niti

    Chanakya Niti




    Enlighten yourself with Chanakya's wisdom. He was a wise thinker and a teacher. Chanakya developed Neeti-Sutras that tell people how they should behave. To add the widget, long press on home screen (press the menu button and click add) and then click widget and select the widget.

  • US BMR Flashcards

    US BMR Flashcards




    A must have app for anyone who is preparing for US Military. Basic Military Requirements Flashcards will walk you through different terminology used in Navy. Flashcards are randomise so that your recall increases.

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