• Patente Quiz e Manuale 2014




    With this app you can prepare for the Italian Driving License class A and B (Auto and motorbike). You can simulate the exam with or without chronometer with questions according to the Ministero. Besides, you can answer questions by subject or random. If connected to the Internet, you can...

  • Memorapp, Learn English words




    This app helps memorize items quickly through a series of activities: - A memory game - Multiple choice questions - Flashcards. Cards can be created and managed. Already included in the app, a few dictionaries and a phrasal verbs list for English learners. To add there is a study group where...

  • FCE Trainer, fce english tests




    Use of english (word formation and multiple choice cloze) tests to prepare for the First Certificate in English exam. FCE in English is an examination at upper intermediate level, requiring competence in all language skills. It is widely recognised in commerce and industry, and by educational...

  • TMaker, tourney maker manager




    This app is a tourney maker and manager.It's the most complete of its type. or more info, please read below Please, check the video tutorial as it shows how the app works. Please, give feedbacks with suggestions instead of negative feedbacks. NOTE: about permissions. I've been asked...

  • ПДД РФ билеты,штрафы,знаки




    Самое полное приложение для подготовки и сдаче экзамена ПДД в ГИБДД . В приложении доступна последняя редакция ПДД РФ : - Правила дорожного движения. - Дорожные знаки, разметка. - Основные положения по допуску ТС К эсплуатации. - Все билеты по ПДД для сдачи экзамена ГИБДД и получения...

  • Cazzaut Pioggia di Bestemmie




    L'applicazione piu' temuta dalla chiesa cattolica ma piu' tenuta dagli atei. Cazzaut in versione generatore di bestemmie. Con sintesi vocale. Il nome deriva dal phrasal verb inglese "cuss out" che significa imprecare.E' possibile salvare le bestemmie e mandarle via sms...

  • Cazzaut - Generatore insulti




    Generatore di insulti in Italiano per Android con sintesi vocale. Il titolo deriva dal phrasal verb inglese "cuss out" che significa imprecare. Le frasi sono create da un database interno che mette insieme random parolacce, aggettivi, soggetti cogiunzioni. E' possibile scegliere...

  • SPP Sound Phone Pranks audio




    With Sound Phone Pranks (SPP) you can play audio pranks. You can record your voice and play it back at different speeds (faster or slower). Included are also four libraries with sounds (human,movies, animals, effects). From version 1.2 it is possible to create a personal library of sounds as...

  • Monkey Business, a memory game




    Monkey Business, memory game - Android application for men and monkeys...Chimps have an incredible photographic memory and research suggests that is much better than ours. In this game , you will take the same test that chimpanzees took in a recent experiment in Japan. Check if with your memory...

  • Xenia's carousel for kids




    An app developed with the aim of helping children say their first words. Through a collection of funny images, parents can encourage speech and language development of their children. Pictures are divided in 4 categories (animals,things,shapes,colours). For certain animals, cliparts are...

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