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    [ update ] - Galaxy Tab support - mahjong Game Applications link add on. [ update ] - Bubble Beaver Game Applications link add on. [ update ] - Other Game Applications link add on. [1.4.6 update] - game board type add - mode --> 12 X 12 , 15 X 15 , 19 X 19 [1.4.5 update] - undo - 2.2 froyo support Gomoku is an abstract strategy board gam…

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    Korean Chess(Janggi)

    Janggi is the Korean name for a strategic board game widespread in Korea. It was derived from Chinese Xiangqi. The game looks very similar to Chinese Xiangqi, such as starting position of pieces, and the 9 x 10 point board, without the Chinese river in the middle.

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    Mahjong solitaire is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of Mahjong tiles rather than cards. It is also known as Shanghai solitaire, electronic or computerized mahjong, MahJong solitaire, solitaire Mahjong and, erroneously, as Mahjong

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    Merge Game

    [ update ] 2.2 froyo support click within one grid cell to check which objects are connected with the current cell. Click one more time to merge them.

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