Download Wifi Analyzer Wifi Analyzer icon

Wifi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer tracks WiFi networks around and helps you choose the rig...

Free | 8 270.8K

8 Expert
Download Wifi Connecter Library Wifi Connecter Library icon

Wifi Connecter Library

An OPEN SOURCE library which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots....

Free | 7.8 48.9K

7.8 Users
Download Wifi Password(ROOT) Wifi Password(ROOT) icon

Wifi Password(ROOT)

Root needed! Root needed! Root needed! This app is not a Wi-Fi passwor...

Free | 7.4 44.8K

7.4 Users
Download Data Enabler Widget Data Enabler Widget icon

Data Enabler Widget

A widget to toggle "Data enabled" setting. No modification t...

Free | 8.6 17.6K

8.6 Users
Download Powerful Control Powerful Control icon

Powerful Control

Customize the toggle widget on your home screen for one touch access.

Free | 7 8.4K

7 Expert
Download Ring Scheduler Ring Scheduler icon

Ring Scheduler

Are you still manually turning on airplane mode at night and off in th...

Free | 9.2 4.1K

9.2 Users
Download Wifi Static Wifi Static icon

Wifi Static

Manages your Wi-Fi static IP configurations and even switches automati...

Free | 8.6 3.4K

8.6 Users
Download Barometer Barometer icon


Show you the atmospheric pressure and altitude using the barometer sen...

Free | 8.6 1.3K

8.6 Users
Download Auto Ring Auto Ring icon

Auto Ring

Silent/vibrate mode is for you if you do not want to be interrupted by...

Free | 8.2 1.1K

8.2 Users
Download Nexus Torch Nexus Torch icon

Nexus Torch

Use your camera flash as a torch. - Easy & simple. One touch to t...

Free | 9.2 1.3K

9.2 Users
Download Bug Reporter Library Bug Reporter Library icon

Bug Reporter Library

A library that allows you to report software bugs to its developer. DO...

Free | 8.4 609

8.4 Users
Download Clip Mem Clip Mem icon

Clip Mem

Memorizes the content of clipboard and restores it after rebooting!(iP...

Free | 8.6 365

8.6 Users

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