• 8.0

    Wifi Analyzer




    WiFi Analyzer tracks WiFi networks around and helps you choose the right

  • 7.0

    Powerful Control




    Customize the toggle widget on your home screen for one touch access.

  • Ring Scheduler




    Are you still manually turning on airplane mode at night and off in the morning everyday? Are you still manually turning on silent mode before a meeting and off after every time? It's time to go automatic! New permissions: * Modify USB storage: To save data files (and then to restore). *...

  • Data Enabler Widget




    A widget to toggle "Data enabled" setting. No modification to APN, no wait to reconnect! NOTE: This is a WIDGET, please add from Home screen after installation. * Internet permission: To display AdMob ads.

  • Wifi Password(ROOT)




    Root needed! Root needed! Root needed! This app is not a Wi-Fi password cracker. It just shows memorized Wi-Fi passwords in settings.

  • Nexus Torch




    Use your camera flash as a torch. - Easy & simple. One touch to turn on and off the torch. - Background torch. Keep flash light on even after the screen is turned off. - No questionable permissions = No privacy concerns.

  • Barometer




    Show you the atmospheric pressure and altitude using the barometer sensor of your device.

  • Auto Ring




    Silent/vibrate mode is for you if you do not want to be interrupted by offensive phone calls, and Auto Ring is for you if you do not want to miss important calls in the meanwhile.

  • Wifi Static




    Manages your Wi-Fi static IP configurations and even switches automatically! You can set static IP with the built-in Settings app(Wireless & networks, Wi-Fi settings, menu key, Advanced), but it maintains only ONE configuration. This app is an enhancement of that.

  • Wifi Connecter Library




    An OPEN SOURCE library which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. This is NOT a standalone application. It is required by Wifi Analyzer and more. Do NOT install until required! Thanks. The source code: http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-connecter/

  • Lightning (Root)




    A simple tool to uninstall apps super fast! ROOT NEEDED!

  • Bug Reporter Library




    A library that allows you to report software bugs to its developer. DO NOT install until required. This is NOT a standalone application. It will not be shown in your application list but you CAN UNINSTALL it. V1.0.2 Fix: Force Close.

  • Clip Mem




    Memorizes the content of clipboard and restores it after rebooting!(iPhone has this built-in). Very SIMPLE ans SMALL. Do not need an icon, do not need to launch it and finally we do not need to envy iPhone guys any more!! Guide: 1. Install this. 2. Copy/Cut some text. 3. Reboot you phone and...

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