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  • Cover Orange




    The long awaited hit now on Google Play! Join the party! :) TOXIC ALERT! A deadly genetically modified rain cloud of fruit dissolving vapour is heading for the orange capital of the world! WANTED! A fruit loving, natural-ingredient pioneering hero! WHEN? Now! Can you ‘orange’ it? MISSION!...

  • Cover Orange: Journey




    THE ORIGINAL! FINALLY ON GOOGLE PLAY! Revisit Cover Orange in this completely new and juicy sequel made by the original team. The acid rain cloud is after your oranges again! - 200 Levels and more to come Enjoy 200 clever levels with astounding new puzzles, each with its own 'Eureka...

  • Across Age 2




    ** Sequel to the critically acclaimed J-Action-RPG ** Ales and Ceska return for their biggest journey yet! - EXPERIENCE THE GOLDEN AGE OF 16-BIT RPGs Its engaging storyline, intense action and eerie dungeons provided a whole new game experience. The sequel improves the formula with over 20 hours...

  • 7.0

    Tentacle Wars




    Capture the enemy cells and save the species

  • Across Age DX




    **TRY FOR FREE AND IF YOU LIKE IT, UNLOCK THE FULL VERSION** Across Age offers 15 hours of classic 2D Action RPG gameplay, exciting story, anime cutscenes, a sweeping soundtrack and tons of diversified locations, monsters and riddles. Step into the role of 2 switchable characters: swordsman...

  • 7.4

    Bloody Harry




    Hack and shoot your way through hordes of veggie-zombies

  • 7.3

    Red Ball 4




    Play, try and try again to successfully complete every level

  • 8.6





    Create origami figures with the fewest number of folds

  • 6.8

    World of Gibbets




    Save the humans from hanging in a gibbet

  • Chicken Raid FREE




    A rowdy chicken gang is all over the place besieging your property - and they don't plan to leave anytime soon. Touching them would be a bad idea! Worry not - there's a smarter way to get rid of the troublemakers. Tap on any breakable object to cut or destroy it and cause chain reactions...

  • 8.6

    Banana Kong




    A thrilling side-scroller app with wonderful graphics

  • 7.0

    Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition




    Beyound Ynth Xmas Edition is a platformer game in which you have to push blocks to beat each level

  • 7.0

    Beyond Ynth HD




    Beyound Ynth is a platformer game in which you have to push blocks to beat puzzle

  • U vs Me




    It's on - U vs. Me! Challenge your friends in an exciting duel game collection Choose between 16 classics like Quiz, Match-3, Crazy Bird and many more. Drop in and out any time you want! Stay in touch with your friends and make your way to the top of the Highscore List. Features: - Short...

  • Tower Boxing




    OMG - This is out of control! 10 dudes with insanely hard punches decided to knock down a skyscraper. WAIT! You're not going to help them, are you? :O - Choose your favorite character - Tap left or right to tear down the tower walls - Dodge obstacles like balconies and company signs This...

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