• TV Series - Your shows manager




    WITH THIS APP YOU CAN'T WATCH SHOWs! TV Series: the best way to manage your TV series: details, trailers, notifications, cloud and much more. With this app you can add virtually any shows thanks to thetvtb's huge database (http://www.thetvdb.com) and the advanced search functions of TV...

  • Abstract Wallpaper Generator




    Creating an abstract wallpaper has never been so easy! You can personalize the color scheme to use: how much colors, the importance of each one, the hue, the brightness ecc... You can even import the color scheme from an image! How cool is that?!

  • FEMA Time




    WARNING: This app doesn't allow you to travel back in time FEMA Time: the ultimate weather clock With FEMA Time you'll be able to see weather and local time for each city you desire, accompanied with detailed forecast provided by openweathermap.org Add a potentially unlimited number of...

  • Graph It!




    GraphIt is a utility that is used to display on a Cartesian plane any mathematical function, which can be f(x)=2, f(x)=2*x, f(x)=sin(x) ecc... The management function is entrusted to you: you can add more or modify existing ones. The integration of functions is facilitated by self-completion of...

  • FEMA Unlock Key




    ****THIS DOES NOT WORK BY ITSELF**** This is an unlock key for FEMA products. With this key the ads will be removed in all of our applications (TV Series, FEMA Time, Graph it!, Abstract Wallpaper Generator, Debts & Creds and Pro & Cons).

  • Pro & Cons




    With this app you'll be able to face important decisions taking into account evry positive or negative aspect. Any decision will have no secrets! Do not skip over any aspect of the problem, to solve it faster! To remove Ad you can buy FEMA Unlock Key (...

  • Debts & Creds




    Tieni traccia di tutti i tuoi debiti e crediti! Con questa app non ti dimenticherai mai chi ti deve soldi, e quanti! Inoltre, quando aggiungerai una persona, ti verranno proposti i nomi dalla tua lista contatti! Questa app in alcun modo conserva o trasmette le tue informazioni personali. DEVICE...

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